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    Johnson Family vacation!

    Not sure if you're headed towards Kalispell Mt. and Glacier National Park. There is an great campground in Kalispell called Montana Base Camp owned by a very cool guy named Andy. No pull through's yet but big wide sites and lots of room to maneuver. 406 756 9999
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    Tape Measures

    Just bought a new truck and found four of them hiding in various places when I cleaned out the old truck.
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    On the dreaded 10mm socket

    Every new tool kit should have at least three 10mm sockets and side by side spaces for them. You would be able to tell when you've lost the first two and be prepared when the last one goes missing.
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    So how much did this t shirt cost me? DUI checkpoint question

    Harder to get the OUI's that way.
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    Need a “TOAD” like YESTERDAY

    This could work, ditch the running boards. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/apache-junction-low-miles-needs-nothing/7331407742.html
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    Transom speakers

    If you don't make them removable someone else will 🙁
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    ok fellas.. Dinning room chairs?

    I dunno about chair prices but that white upholstery is going to look like the carpet in that picture in short order :oops:
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    Recommendation for good, relatively inexpensive sunglasses

    Bass Pro carries a lot of good polarized sunglass's at reasonable prices, some are even bi-focal. They work great while I'm looking at plans on the job sites.
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    What to do in Idaho and western Montana?

    We will be at the KOA in Billings from 8/16 to 8/19 to ride Beartooth and the surrounding area. Getting to Sturgis on 8/8 then headed to Missoula and Glacier after Billings. We're usually gone for a month.
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    B/U Camera - Wireless to I-pad?

    I've been shopping for something to watch the load in my toy trailer. This one has an internal hot spot and connects to Iphone, Ipad, Android, etc via your device's internet connection. You can also download the app to see if it's compatible with your device before you purchase it...
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    Bee poop

    I promise "it tastes like honey" ;)
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    Rv Trip - Where? And What would ya..

    If you're taking the Razor consider the KOA in Beaver Ut. There are tons of trails accessible from there including some that take you into the back of Cedar City. Nice campground with big trees and big camp sites, also is run by some very nice people.
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    Just open the G*dm Valves !

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhopal_disaster I believe Bohpal was during the "manual" days with a few safety systems turned off. Seems like the world has forgotten about this.
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    First GOOD trip with our bote

    Congratulations on the boat, I love seeing young families enjoying good times on the river. That was me and my wife with our kids back in the 80's. We started going when we were kids in 1972 then raised our kids on the river and Havasu. Now our kids are raising their kids the same way at the...
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    Ballpark cost for a pool and landscape in Havasu

    Also something to keep in mind, just because there is "room to build an RV garage" doesn't mean you'll get to. In Havasu there are codes relating to who built to the center of an easement first, height restrictions, etc. Even if a neighbor has a 14' door on their garage doesn't mean you'll get...