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    Greetings from Lake Tahoe

    Get an adjoining room with Grads so' he can show you around...;)
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    HVAC Reccomendation

    And framers and glazers and and and... Current project has a new story and a half glass front entry. Sunlight harvesting required for the first 1X the glass height then added light fixture dimming for the second X2 of the height of the glass store front. Concept is when the sun is out...
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    So I'm talking to McRib about the 2016 RDP shirts and he says...

    Nope...something is keeping it partially afloat...put that baby on the bottom and I'm a buyer...
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    So I'm talking to McRib about the 2016 RDP shirts and he says...

    Yup...new school all the way...roll bar boats throwing some 6' rollers...put me down for zero... :grumble:
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    No parking on your own property in Havasu??? Wtf?

    You're the guy that started this thread and rant...
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    Who's going?

    Double Baller... :D
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    Just Get Off The Escalator

    Some story went around that a woman called for 911 assistance because her key fob battery was dead and she was scared because she couldn't get inside her car...when help arrived she handed over her keys... :D
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    I prefer simply 'tard'...and yes, RD insists that with my current personality, I am one... :D
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    How To help A friend with a drinking problem?

    Al, You already know that the company and you are at risk...do what you already know you have to do. Somethings (like late to work) deserve 3 strikes...others (like this issue) deserve termination. Cut ties now...
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    RDP shiznit.. Lol.

    Now try using 'than'...perhaps...Carl, your new personality will be much better 'than' the current one... Now that wasn't so hard was it?
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    RDP shiznit.. Lol.

    I disagree....you screw it up EVERY time that you mean 'than'. You use 'then' always and 'than' never...
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    Rotting fuel tanks

    That was an easy callout...him bringing a sixer....I knew it was fraud... :D
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    RDP shiznit.. Lol.

    ....and I chuckle each time RD uses then when I know that he meant than... I've given up on orientating versus orienting but RD will learn 'then' and 'than' before I shuffle off of this place... BH
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    Brand new Mini Boat on the CHEAP!!

    ...and don't call him Shirley... :D
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    Rotting fuel tanks

    Why worry about a couple of gallons...rumor is that those V-8 Johnrudes just sipped the fuel... :D