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    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    I’m fine tuning the outdoor deck stereo, just got a new amp. Apparently the speakers can be heard in the master where she was sleeping. Out she goes to the garage and in she comes with the sledgehammer. Little bitty thing can barely carry it let alone swing it, but I got the message.
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    So...Is Cancel Culture working?

    Agreed. Keeping up with the list of companies I want to boycott because they are sissies is exhausting. Reminds me of the Women’s Rights boycott of Augusta back in 2003 because they didn’t admit women. Bunch of ladies walking around with signs and protesting at the entrance and one lone...
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    Old Stereo Speakers

    and remember the big dent those first audio purchases put in our wallet? I can’t tell you how much research and listening I did before I settled on these . . . over 40 years ago. It was a big decision back then, like one or two paychecks worth.
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    Old Stereo Speakers

    Yup, that’s it. Kinda pounded the nail with a sledgehammer on this one. But as we’ve discussed, many of us keep our audio components for a long, long time :)
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    Body Scan International: Who’s done it?

    I’ve been doing them since my late 40s (63 now). Not full body, just vascular in neck and heart area. I did a thread on it about a year ago, I’ll dredge it up as it had quite a few replies. Former employer used to pay for them. Last one on my dime, they do them for a vastly reduced rate at a...
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    Old Stereo Speakers

    Agreed, but it’s not only the old stuff that is heavy. On an impulse I ran out and picked up this Cambridge Audio Edge W amp today. 52 pounds!! Guy brought it out of the warehouse on a hand truck. Super low distortion, I’m done frying amps (fingers crossed).
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    Old Stereo Speakers

    Polk Audio Atrium 10. I’ve got an NHT SA-2 amp driving it. Both are old, like 20+ years old, so not sure either are still sold. Had the set up at our last house in Manhattan Beach.
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    Old Stereo Speakers

    Well, I’m just going to have to have a listen to those some day. Maybe at one of the local high-end sound shops. I love that “wall of sound” power. I’ve recently spent hours and hours tweaking my outdoor patio sound system that I’m running off of Zone 2 on the Denon. And I do mean hours and...
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    Old Stereo Speakers

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Klipsch La Scala speakers. Just checked eBay and there’s some sellers out there who have a high opinion of them. As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve got a 40 year old mint set of Dahlquist DQM-9’s of which I’m quite fond. I’ve moved about 10 times and have hauled...
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    Brain trust....How to troubleshoot no spark on a 6AL MSD system

    Want to make sure that MSD box never fails? Get a spare and throw it in the boat. I had an MSD 6ML fail after about 1 year and bought 2 the next time. That box never failed for 10 years and the spare sat there gathering dust till I sold the boat. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a...
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    Net Worth

    When it comes to college for the kids, here’s my 2 cents worth having been through the drill and seeing many friends do the same. 1. Don’t worry too much about it. These things tend to work themselves out. Don’t over think it. 2. When it comes time, have your child check every available...
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    Net Worth

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting sharing or bragging about a very personal piece of information. Rather, it’s a good tool to ensure that when you’re in your late 80s you have the dignity to care for yourself out of your own funds and not be a burden on your kids. That, and maybe leave a...
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    Net Worth

    Retired and look at it monthly. Funny thing is it was probably more fun making it than it is spending it. Always been frugal, spend less than you make.
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    Powell waheap marina question

    “Watch out for the Tour Boat Wake.” Amen to that. We launched a 38’ Fountain off that last time out and we were prepared. Turns out we weren’t.:)
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    NASCAR on dirt this weekend

    Finally, racing is BACK!. F1 and NASCAR on dirt, shaping up to be a fun weekend for watching. Now if we could only see a return of Boat racing😒