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    Hey Numb Nuts

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    Loose Gravel

    The person who put up that sign must work for CNN.
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    Teenage girl dies from heat exhaus

    I swear they taught us this stuff in 2nd or 3rd grade when I lived in Phoenix as a kid. My Dad who was a Federal safety inspector used to say the ultimate lesson for the parents was learned. There is no greater punishment than a life filled with severe guilt.
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    My families Rona experience

    Thank you for taking the time to write that up.
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    Can I borrow your boat?

    Lake Powel trip many moons ago. One of the "crew" we were on the houseboat with begged to take out my boat out. Somehow the bilge filled with water and engaged the starter @ WOT. I got to go to Napa in Page and buy a new flywheel and starter to finish the trip. I did that at the Waheap marina...
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    Ghislaine Maxwell arrested , hope "she doesnt hang herself"

    One has a right to a speedy trial. The first step in that is to plead "Not Guilty".. All the rest is paper work.
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    good morning and happy hump day inmates

    Wood morning.
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    Watch the starter

    I've said it many times on here. The best entertainment is at your local track. I've been to many events locally that make this look mundane.
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    Who the Fuk are you supposed to believe

    It's not insane, it is planned. Seek and destroy is the mission.
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    The numbers are in!!

    It's not like it's a bad thing. LOL There must be some ties to Chitcago? The place is a complete Chit show..
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    Almost That Time Again!!!

    It brings a small tear to my every time. 👍
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    Just saw this on CNN

    I have the strangest feeling somehow the boyfriend will be charged. The world is ass backwards right now. Some piece of human shit felt justified. I hope they are caught and prosecuted That's the same mentality that rules the streets of Chicago, but nobody really cares when one looks at the...
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    WTF? This guy wants to sell US citizens?!

    GooGley.. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩...
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    Cause of NYC crime spike

    If I need to "shoplift" some "Bread" I'm going to the bank. LOL
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    Bandimere Speedway

    They forgot the the BLM protest sign. Loved to race at that place when I lived there. Tuning a mile high with carbs on the fly dependent of the weather was always fun.