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    Boat Down

    Thank you for the response. I agree with the 1st and 2nd amendments, however that is so the government does not restrict. As you know a private business can and does restrict those amendments. If it is because of the 1st amendment that you still allow him here, then why ban him at all? As I...
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    Boat Down

    I do not know Dave or grads. The only logical conclusion is that Dave likes him, agrees with what he does or it increases the bottom line of RDP. Just my .02. I have him on ignore as well.
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    Huge Biden Crowd

    Look in the glass of the building. Only reporters and cameramen are there.
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    Living in phoenix

    My summer house is in Benton on KY lake.
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    Soft water system non salt?

    How would they know? As the other poster said. Go buy one and install it.
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    Does anyone know the mark up on lumber? If you can find that out then I would pay his "cost" of the lumber. He shouldn't make a profit on his mistake.
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    Arizona family speaks out after scary robbery during Mexico trip

    I use to go to Mexico a lot in the past. San Felipe every spring break. Rosarito, Ensenada and Cabo too many times to count. Almost bought a few condos in Rosarito Beach. A man I consider my father was born and raised in Tecate (still owns property there) and he went with us most of the time...
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    RDP Dogma #7. Question:

    Pepto Bismol is what we give. Wife says 1 tab for little dog and 2 for big dog.
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    All you members who run dualies, motorhomes/trucks etc...what is your go to inflator kit?

    I put these on every dually or Rv I have owned. I have heard the braided ones leak. Not sure if they do or not, but liked these better. http://tire-man.iwvisp.com/products.html
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    Follow me for more glutenous recipes

    That looks really good. I take potatoes and wash them. Poke holes in them with a fork. Pour olive oil on them. Generous salt and pepper and let them sit for an hour or so. Put them on the smoker at 300 for about an hour and fifteen min. Eat the whole thing skin and all. Wife will not let me do...
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    4 Door Sedan, What Would You Buy and Why?

    I listen to a pod cast of one of the biggest wholesale car buyer in the country. John Clay Wolfe out of Fort Worth. He is on Saturday mornings. He just signed with KLOS in LA and will air starting this Saturday. Anyway he says don't buy anything German out of warranty. KIA and Hyundai are...
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    Toon prop advise needed!

    I don't have a big motor, but since we are talking props I will ask. Merc 115 CT. 22ft sylvan tri toon . Usually with just the wife and I . Currently have a 15 x 15 Enertia. We hit the limiter at about 5200 rpm and about 22-23 mph depending on water. I would like to get a few more mph out of...
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    Reward Credit Card

    I am going to look into this one. I am a vet. I only have 2 cards. 1 from my credit union and the costco card. Looked at costco site and saw they have a $60 membership. Does anyone know if you can have the visa card with the cheaper membership? If so, I will most likely just keep it and switch...
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    Reward Credit Card

    I have one from my credit union. Have had it for at least 25 years. They used to have a pretty good reward deal and have gotten a lot of airline tickets. About 5 years ago they changed it and wasn't really worth it.
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    Reward Credit Card

    Where would it go if you didn't have a mortgage?