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    Saguaro Weekends AKA the SAG

    Its been a great time so far this 2014 season here locally. good time with good people.
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    Bad Day at the Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Sadly it happens all the time here at our local pond. Allot of rookies and professionals tend to misjudge the lanes. The trailer parking here was designed back in the 50s before the 30+ size boats were the normal. Now I snap a picture or the trailers next to me and get the plates on my...
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    Inducers are they worth it

    Before I added the Inducer, the pump had allot of cavitation. I had to feather the go pedal. After I added the H< inducer I could flat foot the go pedal with less cavitation. For me the HM Inducer helped my launch. I didnt notice any top end problems. My hole shot forces you in the bucket...
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    Jan 1st 2014 get together at the SAG

    This was early in the morning Mike. The beach was packed. Even that 460 guy made it out. We had Elk Steaks and fresh beef grilling for lunch. Good times.
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    Jan 1st 2014 get together at the SAG

    For years its been a tradition for the locals here at the SAG to get together on New Years day at the SAG. This year we held it up on the front beach so those who were working on their Pyles were able to attend. Good Hung Over times were had. Good friends hooking up on the 1st day...
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    December 2013 boating Mesa AZ

    I love Summer boating. With all the wake boats churning up the water the fun part of driving a low profile smaller boat is driven to Zero fun. So when the water temps hit the 50 and 40 degree mark our waters are absolutely awesome for running. Kinda like back in the day! Summers...
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    pump issues

    it doesn't take much to have the pump to cavitate. At last years tube float in Parker I sucked up fishing line. Prolly 50 feet of line. Thats what I pulled out back home. So I pulled the bowl to rebuild the pump and found that there was another 100' of line wrapped tightly around the shaft up...
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    Fuel pump?

    you need 5lbs on a holly. I would check your fuel for water. If you don't have one now have a water fuel separator installed. If you have good fuel pressure and it pops at acceleration, there may be just enough water on the bottom of your tanks to make it cough and stumble. MSD's AL6 makes a...
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    Curious....Do you find excessive ink attractive?..

    Here locally, many of the younger crowd male and female are covered in tats. Some nice some done by their best friend practicing their art. If done nicely and with color, it can be less distracting. To me.
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    Bachelor Party/Baby Shower Ideas Needed

    je je je je :D Some good shit up in here :D
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    **Boating related question**

    5800 to 7000 RPM Into the wind, 5700 o 6900 :D Like TBI, Its just funner that way :D
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    Sad day at the pond.

    from people who knew him, Anderson had been depressed about losing his father 5 years ago. His path had taken a bunch of bad turns since then. He had inner battles that had been known. The woman on the boat with the child were friends not his wife and daughter. The mountain is a cliff on...
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    Sad day at the pond.

    I was There. I don't know if he committed suicide. Today we witnessed a person jump off a cliff to his death. Sad fathers day at the sag
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    Blubyu Just wanted to say THANKS..

    Thanks Mitch! Your editing is getting better every time. :thumbsup
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    A cruise with 460 and the Griswold (Boating Content)

    The grizz needs more horse power. .. thanks for thr the ride. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk 2