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    Anyone get a 7.3 Ford gasser yet?

    I have Toyo RT’s on my truck now and they do awesome. No wander. Stiff sidewall under load. So far so good.
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    Market crash game plan

    The great culling.
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    Market crash game plan

    Civil war. Shooting fuckers in the head who try to take what I’ve earned. Then hunting their families
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    Anyone get a 7.3 Ford gasser yet?

    Realistically how much larger than 35 inch tires could you stuff under a f350 with the factory 2 inch lift Tremor pkg. I'll be towing heavy 18k lbs or so with this truck so tire choice is important. I figure a platinum sport is my base truck. If I were to Tremor it out myself figure 2k in...
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    Anyone get a 7.3 Ford gasser yet?

    I do like that the tremor pkg is ready to go. I would only have to add a titan tank, air bag/tank system & horns. Done deal. You can delete the tremor running boards and add the electric steps back in I’ve never been a fan of having all the aftermarket lift stuff splat all over a vehicle like...
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    Jerky Boys references......

    "I'll bring my fuckin tool box!" We were listening to them at Buttonwillow Saturday night in the pits prepping the car for Sunday.
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    Well i had the worse date ever

    Only thing you're missing there is a horse chick. HAHA! Mix all three and have the best sex of your life but dont sleep with your eyes closed. lol!
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    Well i had the worse date ever

    “It’s Ma’am” lol!! i don’t envy you. They are nuts. It’s tough finding a less crazy one. This is why I settled down early. Haha!!
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    CA tard membership

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    This cop fucked-up...

    My parents would’ve been more than happy if I was thrown in cuffs and Put in the back of a cop car if I was acting like a little asshole and assaulting teachers at my school, even at six years old. I would feel the same about my daughters. Big mama has failed to raise her daughter correctly and...
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    Dog Name

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    vasectomy at 50

    At 43 I have arrived at the point of "Go ahead and see how that works for you". I can certainly imagine a future where I could physically remove fingers and tongue via cable cutters on anyone who even proposes such a a law or policy.
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    Once you get it fixed, put a hose on the drain . Leave it open/ drain fuel when not in use. Works 100% of the time
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    Tip top meats is right down the street though. Great German food & beer. Definitely go there.
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    Just go ahead and kick yourself in the balls and get it over with. Lol! Sure glad my kids are over that place. Haha!!