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    Cheetah 22ft deck boat

    Man, this wildcat looks nice. Still kicking myself for not moving on a new 22’/23’ deck that a member here was building a few years ago. Almost a $30k price difference now.
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    Ok all you health nuts out there

    Just getting started, remember 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing.
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    Voting in California

    The way they explained it to me was that it wasn’t an electronic vote. The vote I cast was printed right at in the booth I was in. It had a QR code that I was able to snap a picture of and confirm my selections. I then put the print out of my vote in a looked ballot box…same one people were...
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    Voting in California

    Ha! Did you vote in person? It printed our vote out on a piece of paper and then I put it in a ballot box.
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    going to cabo and stay at the casa dorado resort

    Headed down on the 23rd. Never been there...gonna still some of the suggestions peeps made. Lol
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    Voting in California

    My gut says yes....I hope it’s wrong!!
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    Voting in California

    Just voted. So, yes it is true. They did confirm my name address and that I was a registered voter based on my voter registration ID #.
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    LAPD Officers Sue City Over COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

    Probably the same law firm that is representing a group of officers, firefighters and nurses in San Diego. The city of San Diego is rescinding their Nov. 2nd deadline for all city employees to be vaccinated due to a recent survey sent out to SDPD. They determined about 500 officers would bounce...
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    Citizens Winning

    Looks like someone’s face on the wrist of Biden. Almost looks like Pelosi
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    At my Breakfast spot this morn !

    Near our breakfast spot this morning. These have been up for months though!
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    Covid & Vax updates from rdp community

    Wow, cool story bro! Guess I am lucky! Had a small bout of COVID in Dec. I deal with sick people every day at work. I don’t wear a mask and I have yet to be reinfected. I haven’t seen this surge of sick kids everyone keeps talking about either. Maybe I lost my vision with COVID...is that a...
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    Big lighning and rain over...encintas 😀

    Watching the show in the west from the hills of east county. Not often we see that...we usually see it looking further east.
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    Demented Sob at it again.

    Truth!! 👍🏽