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    Lake Mead sucks, don’t come here😁

    I love me a Boddie's, but I will admit I haven't sucked foam out of a nitro can in a long long time.
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    Speedster 27 ft vs Howard 288 Sportdeck

    I remember your thread of boredom when the drive let go on Powell, some good laughs in there for the inmates even if it was a shitty situation. Thanks again for sharing that. 👍
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    As a resident Brit on the forums, very stoked that people are opening up to lamb, always a staple of mine growing up. My mum only does legs as roasts in the oven and such at Christmas, and chops occasionally, but I do all kinds of things with it, chops are great off the grille for something...
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    ESPN brought back the Ocho....

    The Ocho is real and happens on August 8th usually, but they did it in April this year as nothing is on. It was created after Dodgeball but I enjoy it every year. The Nordic Diving event is by far the best, then the golden tee championships were good they showed this year as well. Other years...
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    RIP River/Bob Tulley you will be missed brother

    He was one of the first people to order cornhole boards off of me, was really glad to meet him and was nice chatting with him on the forums, a stand up guy that will be missed. :(
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    Something New At Car Dealerships For Sales?

    Credit app to test drive is BS, but don't be surprised on asking for short form apps even on cash purchases as policy since many dealerships require for identity verification. Depends on the dealer. Every dealer I worked for required Credit app if you had secured your own financing, and I...
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    Definitely not talking crap on either of you, or style, just personal preferences is what it is for everyone, and I agree with the logic even. @Gelcoater and @retaocleg , I am a huge fan of both of your work and styles, and you get the customer what they want with a guiding hand on best...
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    I have asked this before, Retaocleg has states that it gives the tall nordic deck side profile a more sleek look. Although not practical for a deck, what DCB and others doing with black bottoms and it creeping up the sides on some is another step in that direct, but black for a boat that might...
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    91 Freeway Standoff

    100% agree
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    Dude, more photos please, I don't recall seeing this in the "From the Mold" section, I am in love with your gel scheme, layout as well as colors, not I gotta see the interior as well :). Congrats on your new deck 👍
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    Crude oil

    They do in some cases, but again, its things at capacity. You will see "offshore storage" right now with tankers getting paid a ton of money to sit anchored holding it until they can offload. The company I work for has a software that enables all this oil trading for the buyers that supply the...
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    Kim Jung Un brain dead

    There was a great 4 part documentary on the Kim Dynasty, Nat Geo I think. It was really informative on how they came to power, and how they are all a little different, and the other cast of characters, I highly recommend. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9169656/
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    Tiger King Memes.

    Well done JayBreww, take your lap :p
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    698.5 mph on the GPS yesterday. What’s the fastest you have gone?

    Oh yeah, I got that down to a science, I should name my jet day cruiser "Entropy". The chevelle does 120 in the quarter mile in 11 seconds, speedometer stops at 85 or something and hasn't been re-geared for the rear end. I haven't done anything stupid on the freeway since I was a dumb...
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    M28R Twin 400's Full walkthru

    Your little lime accents around the windshield area as well as the updating of the cowls and such really tie it all together, thank you very much for posting it all.