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    No BBQs allowed on the river AZ side

    Now you have to social distance from your bbq? This shit’s getting out of hand.
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    BBQ or Smoking for the holiday

    There’s a neighborhood butcher close by, but his prices are 2-3 times higher than the club stores or markets. I used him once for short ribs, the meat was good, but it was too much for such a small piece of meat.
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    BBQ or Smoking for the holiday

    No briskets at Sam’s or Costco, I guess I’ll be doing ribs tomorrow. The plus is I dont need to get up at 2:00am to start the brisket.
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    Netflix- Ozarks

    Stick with it and follow the family down the never ending hole that gets deeper and deeper. Love the Buddy character.
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    Who Uses a leaf blower to dry vehicles?

    I use the blower to get the majority of the water off the body panels then hit it with a mist of Beadmaker then do a final wipe with a super absorbent towel from Adams that my kids got me for Christmas. It makes the car so smooth it’s sexy.
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    Words and Phrases That Really Get Under My Craw

    I heard on the news this afternoon that a mall is opening, but they will be eliminating valet parking and employing “social distancing advisors”. Ugh! I’m about to lose it!
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    Who Uses a leaf blower to dry vehicles?

    I was seriously looking at this, but since I've got too much invested in Makita tools I found a 36v blower (tool only) for $125 and this thing is awesome - it actually torques in your hand when you pull the trigger, but at full boil it goes through the batteries pretty quick...
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    Echos in the Canyon on Netflix

    That one has some good info, but it’s got that TV fluff aura about it.
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    Echos in the Canyon on Netflix

    If you like that, try to find Legends Of The Canyon, it goes deeper and has more archival footage of CS&N and others hanging out with Cass Elliot's place with Joni Mitchell, etc. It used to be on YouTube, but now there's only previews of it and to even find the DVD it's over $100.
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    Who Knows About Nuc Computers?

    I'm looking to replace my Mac computer that recently I've come to hate - it doesn't mesh with other programs, it takes forever to send something to the printer, it takes forever to boot up, I'm done, I'm going back to a PC based computer. One of the guys at work was telling me about the Intel...
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    Some people have a weird sense of humor

    I watched Sicario: Day Of The Soldado, there was no plot, no end game, no reason for the movie except to showcase the violence.
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    Damn It Newsom, Clear Your Throat!

    I can’t stand listening to this guy - a couple of weeks ago he didn’t sound like someone repeatedly throat-punched him. Come on, just cough a little and clear that thing!
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    But the thing is that they never clean those between customers, just the belt (like that really does any good). It must just for show, like they really care about our health.
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    Looking for opinions : Chevy Trail boss or Tundra TRD pro?

    The interiors in the new GM trucks hideous for the price they are asking for them now. At least put the Tahoe/Suburban interiors in the higher end packages. The new GM styling - they took a left turn when they should have taken a right.