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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    They’re trying to get into the G&A section to see our latest purchases.
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    Netflix Series - The Punisher

    Binge watched both seasons pretty quick last year. Good stuff.
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    The people of Del Taco Barstow

    Now I’m gonna be self-conscious and not wear just my underwear in there anymore.
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    [SOLD] Water Toys / Free to good home.

    I assumed so when they appeared on my Craigslist search alerts this morning. :D
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    [SOLD] Water Toys / Free to good home.

    I’d he doesn't grab it my four kids would enjoy this. I work in Riverside.
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    Thread with regard to Chris

    Four DAYS not months. Not much will get figured out in that time.
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    Make USC Great Again?

    Stay away from Franklin!
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    Thread with regard to Chris

    “parts”. Noted.
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    Got this letter from my finacial institute today.

    Just some more weapons to use for the war on cash.
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    Found a lost phone might be a long shot.

    Probably already bought a new one and had the number changed to the new phone. Will probably never ring.
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    Class A vs Class C RV?

    My Class A has a drop down queen been from the ceiling with the touch of a button. Sure you can’t store things up there while driving but it’s another place to sleep.
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    Class A vs Class C RV?

    I don’t feel mine is too bad but we definitely need plenty of input if the wind picks up. It’s like driving a billboard. Gotta love the view when driving.
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    Time passes on

    Not anymore.
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    More work pics - a positive note

    Here’s a pic from my local job site.
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    La Verne Cool Cruise and Rotolo Chevrolet Car pics. 9/11/2021

    After I got home I was wondering if you would have been there. We got there we 10:15 and damn was it HOT!!!