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    Two stall storage condo width?

    An extra inch should do it. Only you can say what is big enough. The bigger the better.
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    Found a cool mini Schiada

    If it wasn't in South Carolina I'd already own it.
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    Fiberglass and Gel Repair- Take a look !!!

    @Hammer Looking to get some beach rash cleaned up before summer if you have the time.
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    MTI 50!! OMG

    The question isn't if it is a million. The question is how many million. That boat is beautiful but I would bet all my pennies my family enjoys our boat more than whoever buys this thing.
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    Havasu Deuces Tomorrow!!

    I love looking through threads and day dreaming about buying one. Today I just can't. I want them both.
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    Those Biden fuel prices

    The channel boats fuel cost is going to go up $0.50 a day at this rate.
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    Those Biden fuel prices

    First time in years the pump shut off ($100) before my tank was full. Chevron in Santa Ana was $3.89 for 87.
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    Bitter Single Mom . . . classic

    You are a better man than I. I would have pulled out a lawn chair and poured a drink. If someone genuinely asks for help I am a sucker but if they don't ask I don't offer.
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    Hey LAM Boating Content

    Ha.... Now I can't unsee it. At least it is only a 15 Second fix.
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    Hey LAM Boating Content

    Love it. That is exactly what we could not find when we lucked into our Cole 250S. I love the Eagles.
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    Guns & Ammo section ???

    I would like access to G&A
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    Gel Coat design round 2, ran out of crayons

    Can we get numbers on the options? I like the bow of #4, the wimdshield of #11, the bottom of #6, and the stern of #17. All jokes aside I like the progress.
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    Infant vaccinations

    I have heard arguments both ways but when I had kids I didn't hesitate to give them every single shot they offered.
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    Best TV Show Intro-Song of All Time???

    I'm surprised no one has said M.A.S.H.