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    Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Home

    The wife's newer laptop and my new PC are Win 10. No issues. My 12 year old PC has been moved to the garage. I'm leaving Win 7 on that one till it dies. I converted my 10 y.o. laptop from Win 7 to Win 10. Slowed it WAAAAAY down. Then it died. My advice would be to NOT convert to 10. Just...
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    Craiglist ATV Sale

    Recently had a used BBQ listed for sale for cheap ($150) on C/L. Had a guy call and ask if I would be willing to deliver. I am thinking the guy is local. NOT!.. Wanted me to load the grill up and bring it to him......70+ miles away. Said we could "work out a deal when I got there". LOL. So...
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    Honda talon. Swing and miss....pics!

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    No OJ - Just Bronco (for 2020)

    Preach it, Brother!
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    No OJ - Just Bronco (for 2020)

    Not liking the rounded shape at all. Was really hoping for a retro 1966/2020 blend like some of the internet images showed.
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    Rattle Snake

    Flamethrower! I HATE those things!
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    Anyone have a Jag F-Type?

    Hmmmm. I knew the Jags of old were notoriously unreliable, and was sure the quality had improved after Ford purchased the Co. Just wasn't clear on the cars now. For a cool car, I was actually toying with the idea of an older Ferrari for about, oh.....5 minutes. But I need the car to be...
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    Anyone have a Jag F-Type?

    Wow. Good input. I knew I could count on the braintrust here.
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    Anyone have a Jag F-Type?

    "no" as in don't do it? Or "no" as in you don't have one? Any input is greatly appreciated!!
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    Anyone have a Jag F-Type?

    Considering a previously owned one (2016) to replace the wife's Infiniti. What is the good/bad? Any issues to be concerned about?
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    What would you name this dog?

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    Cooperstown in Phoenix

    Alice shut it down about a year or so ago. My guess is that the place had been losing money for a while. I was lucky to go a couple of times. The food was good, but the place was nearly empty both times I was there, and surrounding area is really in decline. Looked like it was a popular...
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    Nice sight on the way home today!

    C-17, baby! What a work horse!
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    Nice sight on the way home today!

    You are so lucky to have seen the Mriya! I understand with regard to its purpose in carrying the Buran. I am kind of a fan of Soviet aerospace (totally minor league) and have seen the AN-124 at Long Beach airport in the past. I hope to see this big bird (AN-225), the remains of the Ekronoplan...
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    Nice sight on the way home today!

    Antonov AN-124. Someone is moving some large cargo! I hope to see the AN-225 one day!