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    Favorite Sunday morning routine

    OC fairgrounds swap meet, you can get a huge beer, shop for those colorful shorts with elastic waistbands, and pick up stuff for dinner. That band Berlin in those day rocked!
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    RD SUX!

    Got people for that, Wheeler, that like to get up at noon and work on roofs..........
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    Roll bar boaters...

    Thats Hilarious!
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    Drug Bust in Marina Manor ....

    She's a goner, 2nd row loving their new river view!!!!!
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    Good morning Inmates

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    What band reminds you most of the river?

    I remember all of those, early seventies, don"t forget Bob Seger and Lynryd Skynyrd!!
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    Best thread ever...

    It's old school even if it was a few years ago, takes you back to the time there was less BS
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    Best thread ever...

    Yes it is!
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    Shout out to Wendi!!

    PM'd you @Wendi
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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Eagles Take it to the Limit with Randy Meissner, ohh ya!!
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    Free V Drive Boat

    Can't see pics, what did we miss??
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    NFL viewership email responses to Yahoo Sports

    Die hard Bronco's fan here....... and I forgot they were even playing on Monday night. Years ago I'd be all over that. I ended up switching to the game for a few minutes, then decided to go to bed. Just not into it anymore.......
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    Don Burda always impresses the hell out of me / boat names and numbers

    Does he also do pin striping?
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    So, when will the "covid" boats be hitting the market?

    I would think cash out re-fi also played a big role.......
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    So, when will the "covid" boats be hitting the market?

    Good, need me a covid camper.......