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  1. 2001 Cole

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    Cole is sold.
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    2018 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4

    Good to see the badging removed.. don't know what Toyota was thinking when they named it, " TRD the only thing missing is U".
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    The Fonz gets Sh*t over fishing ... groan

    People Eating Tasty Animals Have been a member all my life.... don't Know why they are offended when we wear our T shirts to their rallies....
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    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    Was my daily driver up until last year. Now just about down to the last nut and bolt restoration as my wife and I plan to take it on a North American tour when she decides to retire in a few yrs. The we will pass it on to one of the kids. :)
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    Let's see you're lawn art

    He still drive's that truck right? The flat rock is just waiting to get laid.....
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    When did you realize you were officially old? My time was yesterday.

    When my son say's to me....... You get in I'll push us off.:oops:
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    Sentencing in Street Racing Deaths

    In a situation like this no one wins. Could it have been prevented?, yes, but it happened and a whole lot of lives will be affected by one bad decision. My thoughts and prayers go out to all parties concerned. It could have been anyone of us when we were younger. I know I was involved in more...
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    RDP = Really Dudes Place . .

    I It would seem you are singling Grads out just because of him posting about his new pool renovations! 😅
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    My new river buddy.

    Congratulations also, and remember to enjoy them when they are small. They grow out of this stage so fast, its like you blink and they're trying to get the boat key from you!👍
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    Was stuck in overflow camping at one of the lakes here. We were partying with friends and one of them had his electrical van there. There was no electricity in overflow, but after more than a few drinks and darkness came.... we dug in a few 4x4 posts and attached plug ins and conduit on them...
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    Why do we drive performance boats?

    When I was much younger, I raced a 11sec bracket car, the adrenalin rush was about 10mins. then it was back to wrenching for the next run or improvements for the next week. Was also a street racer (G.T.O's predominately) always had to be on the lookout for the police and sometimes make sure you...
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    Waterproofing seat risers with Flex Seal?

    Haven't used the product for that purpose, but think it would develop cracks and separate with time. Planning on replacing some on an older boat using 1/2in polyethylene puck board and composite lumber at some point this year. Will outlast the hull ;) 🍻
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    3rd chance at life.

    Hope everything works out great for you this time.
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    3rd chance at life.

    Was a bone marrow donor (aged out now) was called on to donate 12yrs ago. Get together with my recipient and his ( our) family once a year. Is one of the most humbling experiences you can ever have.
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    Barrett Jackson purchase

    Glad to see you actually driving it! I know both types of collectors. The ones who trailer their cars to meets and the ones who travel all over America ( some towing trailers behind them) with their creations. The ones who drive them are much more fun to party with. To many good stories to tell...