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    Need tile installation

    Need tile installation in Anaheim Any referrals?
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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Wife fucking complaining, Lol
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    Totaled or not?

    Totaled for sure, get the insurance money buy it back for pennies on the dollar, re builded and have $$ left over.
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    Anyone here do countertops?

    Too many vaines on the Quarts, installation will be a bitch to line up the vaines
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    Kitchen cabinets

    Lol, wifey wants grey cabinets and white counter tops
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    Kitchen cabinets

    I'm remodeling my kitchen, anybody wanna buy cabinets and counter tops $850
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    Concrete price

    Looking to do a RV parking on the side of my house in Havasu, what's the going rate for concreate per sq? Need 1350sq Who's the to go concrete company?
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    First plywood and now carne asada? WTF?

    Northgate used to be $7.99 now is $11.99
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    Liars !!!!!!

    People on Craigslist, 😆
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    Your crappiest car?

    Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo, what a piece of shit, always overheating, one problem after another, until one day, I was driving on the freeway, smelled smoke popped the hood and the piece of shit was on fire. Left it there and walked away. Lol
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    Looking for boat budget $100K

    06 28' $119K 255 Hrs 625ILMORE Big Jl system