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  • You have been approved for where, Farmers? What is it you want to do? I would be happy to discuss opportunities within my agency if interested, and the right fit for both. I want to expand, and am eager to find hard working (hungry), trustworthy agents to bring on. I pay new & renewal commissions. Let me know if you're interested.

    Hello, Devin Wozencraft here. I was talking to Stacy Johnson today and she mentioned that you were inquiring about working with Farmers Insurance. I was curious to know where you are with that. Are you considering a career in the insurance business?
    Yes. Its in Parker right now. Was going to try and bring home today but worried it may rain on it en route. We can meet out in Parker to check it out if you like and take a ride. Brand new stereo, I have not even heard it yet.

    Gary 818-621-8950 Last price I asked was 25K. Spent 2K on stereo, Have it on Craigslist at 33K. Open to offers though as I have things I need to do with the $$$.
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