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    ***WARNING*** Orange County Protest Locations tonight and tomorrow

    Ok. 18” shot gun is ready .
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    I say shoot and kill them looters and fire starters . Be done in a hour
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    Dealing with deteriorating elderly

    I think beating the hell out of him and take his money would be better
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    Lake Mead sucks, don’t come here😁

    And the water is too flat , no way
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    Physical maintenance over 40 or fuck it?

    That looks like a salty meal
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    [SOLD] Power caster for sale

    The dolly’s sure help parking in close areas for sure .
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    Nautical Resort solo launch

    Last time I was there There was no dock to tie up to
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    POLL - Lake Havasu Channel Open it or Keep it Closed?

    Just curious - do you own a boat ?
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    Nautical Resort solo launch

    Can I just add that launch sucks
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    POLL - Lake Havasu Channel Open it or Keep it Closed?

    Open it up so they will get out of the coves and I can enjoy the lake
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    Damn It Newsom, Clear Your Throat!

    Give him a break He’s an idiot
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    3 Boat Accidents in the same spot in 24 hrs

    Just trying to sink there boat for ins money
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    Beware today, CHP along interstate 10

    Well shit I better start to slow down . That 90 mile hour was great . People should stay home more .
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    Stupid question

    Pipe is not perfect being round and the outside has a coating that need to be removed before painting . Pipe has a welded seems . We use DOM Tubing on all our jobs Available in different wall thicknesses Measures on size and tig welds great .