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    Chandler peeps?

    There;s an RV park at Arizona Av. and Knox behind the Budget rental place not far from the track. Not sure the availability but there's one there.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    How bout them ears? New addition to the family.
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    Wakeboard advice please

    Liquid Force Trip 👍 It's been the longest wakeboard in continuous production so something must be good about them. I'm on my second one and everyone likes it over the hyperlites and CWB's we have.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

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    Current Situation - a picture thread

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    Tom Brown...Where is...Tom Brown?

    Ficking-A! That's a great sig, I didn't even see a background let alone the dude until now.
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    I don’t get the Toon

    I rekon so! 😊🤙
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    I don’t get the Toon

    An antler boat Dave? :rolleyes: We changed from roll bar? :)
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    PSA Parker Strip Blue Light Violation $465 fine!

    When Alan told my kid to tell the LEO he was wrong in front of the Gilbert judge a few years ago the judge said you're right, he's wrong (cop) ticket dismissed. BC is a big help to us here. :cool: 👍
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    Who's got the youngest " skier " ?

    That one is 16 now and has a job, he's at that age where hanging with friends is cooler. He still comes out and sticks it though. . We're working on this guy, he's 4.
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    Big Island - Recommendations?

    Surfing at Kahaluu bay, Banyans or Pine Trees. That would be my Itinerary.
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    Just the bow

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    Some Shots From Today

    Unfortunately Ryan who owned Phoenix Winch passed away. So fkn sad, left a wife and 2 little girls. 👎
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    Water Ski Thread...

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    TBT - Brown VS JBB

    We had fun before it became a boating forum......ayyy Bilgie? :cool:👍