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    Could be prop pitch isn't what it is claimed as well...
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    Two speed props

    Don't try to surface one!!! Awesome idea for the low HP Bayliner crowd, but they explode in a performance application.
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    Bare Hull for New 300 opti max.......

    Liability... someone fucks up their own install, and suddenly you make an inferior product. Heaven forbid there is a wreck! Even if your hull is solid and proven, you will be in court defending yourself over a botched customers install. At least if it is in house, you know it was done right!
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    Bare Hull for New 300 opti max.......

    I have the molds for these. Bottom is the same, 2 different decks. Grey and Blue boat are the New Deck Red one is the older "Hallett F2" deck. (note this is a Hallett Built Boat, I haven't pulled a deck from that mold) It is now at WOT Marine. 28 Skater also has/had a Yellow one
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    Well well well.

    Good to see you around toothpick!
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    Cargo ships multiplying off Ca Coast

    That is just a "delivery" fee. You are essentially renting the container, and paying to have it moved from China to LA.
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    Free Energy????

    They are know as the Spiral of doom in Cyclocross... Stupid fun to ride at speed!
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    Merc 525 HP Outboard

    The 300 is 87 octane... I would say there is a BUNCH of power still sleeping in there!
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    Merc 525 HP Outboard

    How about all the Big Center Consoles with 5 and 6 450's though...
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    Getting rid of rust

    Pull it, sandblast and recoat is the right way to do it... There is rust on the back side, and mounting ears too.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    I mentored for a FIRST Robotics team, that had a bunch of Engineers also mentoring. Had one ask a kid to drill a pair 1.5" holes in some 1/8" aluminum stock (drill press, and holesaw) and gave him measurements to the .001 :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I had said engineer try it;). He...
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    Winch strap on extreme trailer

    Back in and get the bunks wet... and then pull forward to the correct depth. Does the same basic thing, but don't have to carry another bottle of magic juice.
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    Looking for a witness

    That is his wife... And she is awesome!
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    I am thinking about buying a new boat… Need Opinions?

    Gone Tiki Palapa Power Tours
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    Looking for a witness

    Not that it matters, but Looney Tunes (Velocity owner) is good people. No question if the accident was reversed, he would do the right thing.