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    Cool AV/Automation Project

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    The Watcher on Netflix

    It was damn good
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    Needles water levels?

    Launched from jAcks this past weekend! No concerns
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    I watched the whole thing. I really didn’t know much about him until this
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    Fighting over a spot in the channel

    Yup I launched from jacks smith at 7am to get a spot on the channel. We got there so early we were able to move the boat a couple of times to find a group of chicks we wanted to be next to!
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    Boat Over Heating

    Y Yup I did that’s when I discovered the alternator issue.
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    Sooo many good memories there!
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    Boat Over Heating

    That’s good to know! Luckily I have a warranty on the alternator.
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    Boat Over Heating

    I’m going to throw one on as a back up!
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    Boat Over Heating

    1991 no horn
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    Boat Over Heating

    My boat overheated on Friday while heading back from the channel and per the temp gauge I was climbing over 200 and smoking. I got parts and replaced the thermostat, impeller, temperature sending unit. The old impeller had all the pieces still attached. I inspected the thermostat housing and...
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    Riding season

    Fuck I have a million things to do! I made a list…..need to start soon
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    RDP Regatta Sept 16-18!

    Are there going to be multiple boat cops like the dam to dam run? :-)