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    Hey that's my boat. HAHA! I feel lucky to have gotten a spot in there as the line is growing longer and longer. Mike is the man!!!!!
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    Looking for recommendations

    Try some Wileys bindings. They are comfortable and are similar to the old style HO's without the laces and junk. https://www.wileyski.com/product-category/wiley-bindings/?filter_brand=wiley
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    [SOLD] Polished Dooley Air Scoop with flame arrestors, carbs and tunnel ram base

    Selling a polished Dooley Scoop with Flame Arrestors, two Edelbrock 1405 carburetors and a Misc. tunnel ram base. Scoop is a Polished Dooley for dual 4150 style carburetors and comes with flame arrestors. Carburetors are Edelbrock 1405 (600 CFM) manual choke. (Probably need to be rebuilt)...
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    [WTB] Floor Mount Throttle Pedal

    I have a Hot Foot throttle pedal I will sell. Let me know if that is what you are thinking.
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    Concerning the 2019 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals Presented by Nick Rose Insurance

    I am a Long Beach resident and will contact the folks listed above as well as my council member Stacy Mungo. Respectfully Of-course
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    10' Schiada help

    Hey Guys, How big of a fuel tank are you all running in your 10' Schiada's? I have a portable 6 gallon tank I plan on mounting under the bow but am wondering if that is big enough. Engine will be a 40HP Tohatsu. Appreciate the help.
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    Comment by 'CycloneRacing' in article '2018 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals'

    Great write up. I was there all weekend but still enjoyed the read. The shots of the SE 63 were great!!!! We are keeping Greg and his family in our thoughts.
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    19' Turbo Schiada

    Very cool boat Barry. I would love to buy it but my wife may not be too happy with me.
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    Great write up. I am bummed I missed it this year. Any more pics of that V-drive Hallett vector or blue and white 22' Schiada. Also, was that the original Coldfire Biesemeyer I saw in the pictures? Now I am really bummed I missed it.
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    Schiada 10er Barn Find - Update

    That bottom and floor design looks exactly how mine was except in allot better condition. My sub-floor, stringer and transom were all rotten. I replaced all of them myself. It truly sucked and I wish I had the $$$$ to have someone do it for me. I was told by Lee that before I put the sub-floor...
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    Biesemeyer Revenge D'Cucci Daytona work cover!

    Hello, How can I get a few of these made? Thanks Troy
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    1984 Schiada 20' outboard upgrades

    There is not much in the South bay as far as Mercury dealers. I lived in Torrance and had to get my Mercury 300 parts from M&K, Pfaff or Dick Sherrer. For what you are doing I would just take it to M&K or Dick Sherrer and have the factory lower unit put back on. No need to go all aftermarket...
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    Maharaja Race Ski For Sale

    Still available? I have a friend looking. Also, what size are the bindings?