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    Who wants a great dog?

    Huk looks like he could be someone's "best dog ever".. This is how it happens.. I hope someone here takes you up on the offer.
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    Sold the old homestead

    Congrats on your retirement. What do you think about renting a place in Havasu just to see if we'll see a correction in the economy? Seems like a great time to sell but I think the market is just about at the top. 2022 should be interesting.
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    What’s Your Fav Mexican Beer ?

    A cold Negro Modello with chips and salsa is pretty amazing.
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    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    Honda was really ahead of their time. The competition was about a hundred years behind them.
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    So I did this........

    Growing up my Dad would take my brother and I to Indian Dunes on the weekends, at the entrance to Indian Dunes I would hide in the camper so my Dad didn't have to pay for me. Anyway, all my friends had XR75's, RM80s,YZ80's etc.. When those two strokes came out it was game over for the XR75. I...
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    So I did this........

    These pics are priceless.. I grew up very similar, Indian Dunes, Cal City etc... All your Dads bikes and vehicles are pretty valuable these days.
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    2021 Dodger baseball thread!!!!!!!

    Machado is such a drama queen... He's perfect for San Diego... He can be their rockstar... I didn't like hem as a Dodger either. That is all, go Dodgers.
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    On Bring a Trailer.

    If I bought that car I would have a big sound system installed and play Van Halen in it all the time.
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    NFL Football starts tonight! Call your shots now!

    I fell out of love with the NFL years ago and haven't returned. Not butt hurt or bitter, just not my style to support organizations like the NFL.
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    No need to thank me, it's a freebie...

    Looks photoshopped
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    It's not a pontoon, it's a yacht. lol

    33 cup holders!
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    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    I have trust issues with people, and I'm kind of cheap when it comes to fixing things around the house. I try my hardest to fix everything I can without calling a pro. With tools like a multi meter, code reader, YouTube and online shopping I get by pretty good. And yes, even changed out a...
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    Foggy RV Windows

    Pretty common problem with RV double pane glass. But you're in luck, "Above all Glass" on TO blvd is the expert with RV's. He is also great with Laminate glass, he did a great job on my Manx's windsheild too. Give them a call.
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    On Bring a Trailer.

    I can't imagine not being into that car, especially being a gift from my uncle. That's too bad
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    So I did this........

    I have several CT70's. They're really getting up there in value. This one goes about 70mph