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    RDP PSA / Products / Announcements

    Digging the flags and could use one in each size. Will try to stop by the shop this weekend to pick some up. Also want to check out the fenders/balls, as mentioned could be a space saver if functional. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We used stay at Riverside, then Aquarius, then Harrahs, etc…seems they all go to shit after a while….the last few times we stayed there have been at the Riverlodge. They remodeled the casino floor and has a nice little store with coffee and pastries for the morning….and yes, we would park the...
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    ez up or ?

    This right here...I have three of them. After bending, breaking, multiple canopy's in one season, I thought I would give them a try, especially great for when it is just the wife and I. Purchased one at Costco and tried it out. Went back the next weekend and purchase another, etc. I even put one...
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    RDP preferred truck accessories

    Scott at HTW MOTORSPORTS in Upland did my truck. Great price and turned out nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tasty Mexican food in Havasu?

    Another vote for El Paraiso and get momma a flaming margarita [emoji91] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    15/215 Interchange NB

    Well we made it in about 4 hours. There was 30-40 minutes of traffic up the pass and then smooth sailing, Lynwood was crazy busy and a lot of traffic. We ordered ahead and picked up Jersey Mikes and ate on the road. A little traffic again before the 40 and then it was smooth. Only seen one CHP...
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    15/215 Interchange NB

    Well I guess I might as well leave work now. No way I'm getting anything done while thinking about this traffic just getting worse. Time to pack it up and hit the road.
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    Friday Memorial Weekend! RDP @ The 40!

    Perfect, need some new swag for the weekend. We'll be sure and stop on the way in or run back up in the Jeep if we can get into town early.
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    Pool vacume

    Same here....Vacuum/cleaner and skimmer at the same time (8 hrs over night). I would say about a 60/40 like others have mentioned. You have to find the sweat spot of the vacuum for the cleaner to run properly and be able to climb the walls and not get stuck on the damn drains. Anyway, skimmer is...
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    Streaming Services

    Sling Tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu. Sling is the only one I pay stand alone as the others come with other services already paying for. I have not had cable in about 10 years. This is my second time with Sling. I have had Direct TV Now or AT&T TV Now as well. All great services, but they...
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    House Painter in Havasu

    I received several bids and went with Kyle Polansky with Pro Power Painting (928) 208-0184. He was not the cheapest but was very competitive on price and t hey did a nice job. He was booked out several weeks, but showed when he said he would and finished on time. I would not hesitate to use him...
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    Amazing nighttime difference. Anniversary and a bucket list item.

    Congrats on the 31. That is awesome.
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    Blue Water : Bankruptcy?

    Agree the place is a dump. The rooms, patio, elevators, hallways, everything was filthy the last time we stayed there a couple years ago. Customer service does not exist. WiFi doesn't work, TV was jacked up, patio door didn't close properly, etc. The only good thing about the place was the...
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    Plane stuff

    Great thread. @DUNEFLYER your plan is gorgeous. My son just signed up for ground school. He is 24 and got his A&P mechanic license a couple years ago. He's currently working on planes at Threshhold at Chino airport. His goal is to eventually go back to UPS once he has enough experience...
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    What Grill for the Boat?

    I have this one and it is small (maybe 14" round and 6" thick) and fits easily under a seat. It's great for a smaller group and doing dogs or brats...we don't cook anything too greasy. Once it cools down, I take it apart and wipe it clean with paper towels. Very easy, functional, and cheap...