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    StarLink - Really worth the hype

    Hell the box has next to no instructions other than a card with three pictures. Setup was very painless and do it yourself but obviously for a home install you will need to drill a hole in a wall to pass the cable through but they have kits for the wall pass through. Plus starlink emails you...
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    This week can suck it

    Welcome to the world of managers. They cant praise one employee if they cant praise them all so they dont feel like they are giving someone special treatment. Karma's a bitch, they'll get theirs. You know you did a good job and so does everyone else so it wasnt un-noticed and I'm sure if the...
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    StarLink - Really worth the hype

    Ok, so I jumped on Starlink and signed up as soon as it was announced. Just got the hardware shipment in December and just set it up today. I gotta say, if you are suffering with HughesNet, you'll be dumping it as soon as you can get StarLink. Speed test with StarLink on my iPhone connected to...
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    Lot Full of Molds

    The 32 really looks like a Lavey, but the rest aren't jumping out at me as to the make. I believe Eliminator got rid of their Eagle molds but I cant confirm it. Nor do those look like Eagles.
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    That turned out to be...

    Well some pundits predicted GB and KC. Apparently they couldn't predict Rodgers' apathy.
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    38 years ago, Airwolf premiered on TV

    As a kid I was really into Airwolf because I thought a helicopter that could do what it did was really cool. Then I grow up and find out most of it isnt possible. Kind of like Blue Thunder. I also liked Knight Rider for the cool car, Tesla still has a ways to go to replicate KITT.
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    Yes! The Jeopardy Jerkoff is on winter vacation.

    He played like he wanted to be on a permanent vacation.
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    That turned out to be...

    Unbelievable. GB played conservative the whole game, didnt take advantage of their home field and the conditions and basically screwed themselves. Their coach should be fired and Rodgers should be retired.
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    $164 to fill up the Yukon

    The lines can go pretty fast, just depends which one you go to as the major difference in wait times is all due to the drivers and their inability to use a gas pump. I dont think its a dime difference but that may vary again with where you are. For me, they are a good 30-40 cents cheaper per...
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    Stopped at Topock today

    Paradise just below the Springs in Parker Strip was a place too at one point (though it was never river accessible). The ribs were just as good as Che Bones ( I think the chef was at both places). Other stuff was good too, and drinks were ok but you could walk to the bar and get what you wanted...
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    $164 to fill up the Yukon

    Thank god for Costco gas. About a hundy fills up my Yukon XL from below a quarter tank. And that's 91, too (per the manual for the 6.2L).
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    This is just sad, poor boat

    Miami Vice here I come!
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    Phone contacts

    Depends. I deleted my ex. I keep my no longer living friends, at least for awhile. If I happen to change phones, or go through some eventual cleanup I may take them out at that time.
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    RIP!!!!! Bob Saget

    If your a Broncos fan, Dan Reeves just died recently. That would be #5.
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    Dear Verizon Executive staff

    Sure you dont want to try Mint Mobile? I dont even know what major provider they get their service from. I'm thinking T-Mobile?