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    Add Coca Cola to the List of.................

    Curious if coke ever released a response or statement regarding this? Much like Goodyear did a backpedal during their debacle.
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    My pillow guy sued by dominion

    Fuck dominion
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    Why is this not a bigger story?

    It doesnt fit their narrative. MSM is absolutely unwatchable any more.
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    Good news for rdp big boys bad news for everyone else

    Another vote for next level if it's an option
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    Good news for rdp big boys bad news for everyone else

    Dixxon flannels have a big ol MADE IN CHINA on the tag. No thanks. Idk about the tees.
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    The big trucks thread.

    Full traction makes a nice kit to coil over, without replacing the front axle. Its pricey but there are some shock options that can keep it reasonable.
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    USPS. Go Screw

    Ordered an OEM water pump from a ford dealer in Vegas. Took exactly 1 fucking month to arrive. Just sat for weeks and weeks at 1 location. Then bounced around for a while. Pretty sure they played hacky sack with the package too.
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    I feel we are on our own in CA

    Had multiple run ins with violent mentally transients in riverside years ago. RPD told me directly that more and more are handling these things themselves. I believe He was referring to old fashioned ass beatings. Glad I packed up the business and bailed from that shithole.
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    Need a body shop in the Riverside area.

    This is tough to find. Plenty of really talented shops in the area, but noone does completes. They make all their money on insurance jobs and wont touch even a respray. Have seen some spectacular collision work, but some have quoted me up to $$$$ to make it worth their time and shop space. If...
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    So Cal Day Trippin'.. Whats open..

    Go support bread and barley in covina if you are up that way. Newport is mostly open. Go support slapfish for food in OC.
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    Unbelievable how stupid people can be

    China buffet on the desk would have been awesome
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    Ashley Babbit is the woman killed at the capital today

    I have heard multiple reports of an AD. Bullshit. Video shows otherwise.
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    Couldn't Sleep

    I'm probably the least optimistic person I know, but Its a pendulum. It swung to the left this time, further than its has in the past. Raise your kids right, teach them american history, and hope that they can influence the pendulum in the future. And vote everyone out. Everyone. The rinos...
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    Mitt Romney got on the wrong plane lol

    Pretentious prick. Typical tyrannical attitude as he tells her to put a mask on. Glad she stood up to that asshole.