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    Day Cruiser

    1974 Hallett 21' Day Cruiser Not perfect, but it'd be willing to part ways with it!
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    Never heard of a sex doll brothel. Wtf?

    I guess the kind of guy who's into killing hookers, but also doesn't want to go to prison.
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    Kauai bound!

    It was a family vacation, and when those words were first uttered I lobbied hard for an Adult Only Mexican Resort or Maui. I don't know how Kauai got chosen as I was told that the island is really a place for honeymoons & anniversaries and those who like strenuous hikes and my idea of a...
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    Before your trailer, boat or RZR gets stolen

    I follow Big Truck Big Rv on YouTube and he swears by Ft Knox Locks as a preventative theft measure.
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    Golf cart questions / making street legal

    Yes & No... Even though I have a place at Temple Bar, I cannot get mail delivered there (long story), so in essence my place is technically "storage". Insurance wanted to know where the golf cart was going to be "used & stored". So I gave them the TB address. The address on my...
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    What’s on everyone’s dinner table tonight?

    Being an 1/8 Italian, I grew up on it too. It's one of my favorite dishes. Introduced it to my roommates in college... They Hated it. But then again Italian food to them was pizza, egg noodles with ketchup & frozen swedish meatballs, and mystery cans of shit-boyardee, all covered in...
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    What’s on everyone’s dinner table tonight?

    Polenta with an IPA Tomato Sauce and Spicy Italian Sausage.
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    Kauai bound!

    WORST VACATION EVER!!! I'll never go back to that shit hole of an island! I went during mid-September. We rented a VRBO in Princeville, house had no HVAC system. Everything is closed by 8, and most of the places start closing down shortly after 7. It is a solid hour drive with NO traffic...
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    Golf cart questions / making street legal

    @Nord I purchased my golf cart from guy on off Craigslist in Morongo Valley, with a Bill of Sale. Mine is street legal, registered/licensed, title, & insured in AZ, but getting there was a little bit of a process... Since it had never been titled or registered, AZ MVD told me that it was...
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    Saved From the Scrapyard #2

    Great Thread! A little FYI on the Liquor Dispensers... There were 2 versions of these: One made of Glass, the other made from Leaded Crystal. If you see a gasoline on water like sheen in the booze or the taste is a little off, then they're leaded. One thing that is missing from them, as...
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    Campbell 1977

    Go head and post it. It was either during a server upgrade or when RDP switched from the old forum software to it's current version, but a lot of the pictures disappeared.
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    Reset: Pet Medical Insurance. Any takes?

    We have Trupanion, on our dogs. Cover's 90% of all: Diagnostic tests, Surgeries, Vet stays, and Medications.
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    Lake Mead water level

    Throughout my entire life I've heard it called all those at one time or another. The Campanile is the offical name, but I've also refered to it as The Sphinx. If you zoom in there's a place on the chart called "The Head" a little above the pin.