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    Here’s an idea for River Dave

    Tom at Jet Boat Performance threw a couple of those in with some orders I got from them awhile back. Mine has had a note in it for years. :p😄
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    Elvis Movie Coming Out. 6.24.22

    This is true unfortunately. 😣
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    Elvis Movie Coming Out. 6.24.22

    Nice, lol 😄 If you are able, it's pretty interesting stuff for an Elvis fan. We were there for 4 hours or so and don't think got to see every bit of it, while the couple that was with us breezed through it in about half the time. To be honest, I wouldn't call myself a big fan of Elvis, but just...
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    Elvis Movie Coming Out. 6.24.22

    My mother-in-law was a big fan of Elvis, so is my wife. We went to Graceland a few years ago as it was something her mom wasn't ever able to do. Don't know if you've ever been, that place is a trip. After going to Graceland I spent a pretty fair amount of time on the web reading this and that...
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    Big whoop. They can announce and declare things till the cows come home. Until they get rid of all the bullshit covid regulations/mandates/requirements it doesn't mean a damn thing. ;) Next you'll be coming on here telling people water is wet, lol :oops: 🤔 😏 😄
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    She's hungry...

    Yes, and she wants to go to the lake. :p😄
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    More proof the vax is a scam

    If there was anything that would make me not want to get the shot (as if I ever would anyway, lol), it's that image there. Jeez they are trying so hard... 😏
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    Fighting Covid - your experience?

    This sounds exactly like my wife's symptoms recently, but don't know if hers was covid or not. I was mildly curious if it was, but she wasn't gonna get tested so... She dealt with/felt like that for 4-5 days, took nothing but HEB brand childrens cold and cough liquid medicine and ibuprofen. Day...
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    transportation secretary.

    Riggs would have gotten him down safely 👍😄
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    WTF...... trying to buy wheels

    8 lug slots 👍:D I still have a set I kept off a truck I used to have. They used to look that good, bet they don't anymore though 😫😄
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    Russia and Ukraine

    Couple of good ones, lol 😄😏
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    NPR vs Joe Rogan

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    WTB vdrive/drag boat parts

    For v drive stuff, you can try checking with JJ at Beaverfab, in Covington. Big v drive hotrod boat guy from way back. Probably/may have a line on engine stuff as well. beaverfab.com He's a member here and can also find him on texashotboats.com occasionally.
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    Hirohata Merc…an Icon…As Boat Guys what is our Equivalent?

    At one time it (or one of them, no idea if he had more than one) was hanging on display at his cycle/atv dealership in Wichita Falls. Another board I'm on had a get-together/fundraiser there several years ago. Proud Mary was there with a boat as well. Website went down awhile back and bunch of...