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    How often do you drink?

    I was a big JD drinker until the same thing happened to me...this Oct 1, I will be 2 years with nothing to drink, surprisingly, I don’t miss it !
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    SNAKES 3 Dunes

    My sister in law was bitten last Friday while feeding her horses...husband got her to the hospital, closest one about 60 miles. They were ready for her when they got there. Hopefully she’ll be ok but has a ways to go. Lots of pain and more Dr. follow ups and more anti venom...
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    Anyone ever boat on Clear Lake in Nor. Cal?

    We used to ski race at Clearlake back in the late 70s into the early 80s. Beautiful place, great place to race, great people but the water was always green. So much for Clearlake.They had the Norcal championships and the following week was the West Coast championships for region 1,2 and 3 ski...
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    What is the year of your boat?

    2001 Conquest Top Cat
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    After almost 30 yrs

    Ouch! Don’t drag your feet on any replacement, inventory dwindling and lead times on orders are getting way out! Stay on GEORGE!
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    After almost 30 yrs

    Good for you! Still working, it'll be 45 years this September 4, selling Peterbilts. Sometimes I think I'd like to walk but not sure what I'd do.........no real hobbies and everything else I like to do costs a lot of money plus I'd probably just piss off the wife by being around too much. At...
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    Whats a 2006 duramax lbz really worth???

    Bought my 06 4 x 4 LBZ Crew Cab new in 06. Have had NO issues in 178,000 miles except replaced the batteries and thermostats. I keep it serviced and all filters and fluids clean. Use Synthetic trans fluid. I talked to a guy in Parker that had the same truck as mine last summer, he asked how...
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    Bunk repair

    X2 Frank re did my trailer and did an excellent job and right on time. Good guy. Give him a try!
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    Who’s coming into town for Memorial Day?

    We're at Fox's, heading up Thursday AM, staying thru Monday, back home Tuesday. I don't drink anymore but all my friends do, maybe we'll see you at the bar..........(I'm the one drinking water.....)
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    What’s the deal with boat insurance?

    yep, my state farm agent covered my Conquest Top Cat 496 HO without even batting an eye! $900.00 year for FULL COVERAGE. Of course, they have everything else I own plus I've had the same agent for 40 years and hardly ever any claims...........That probably helps.
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    Truck Tires

    I'm on my second set of LTX's on my 2500 HD 4 x 4. 50,000+ miles on the first set and never had an issue except Discount said they were a 70K tire and they were wearing out too fast so they replaced them with new ones at a hell of a discount. I think I'm @ about 30,000 miles on this set and...
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    Towing a 3 axle trailer with tire & wheel missing

    where are you? that's a generous offer. I'd only need it for Friday night. Boat lives at Rio Vista storage. Our plan was to tie up to a bouy at Foxs, that's where we live, if one of the three buoys is available.
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    Towing a 3 axle trailer with tire & wheel missing

    Nope, Frank did a fantastic job at a fair price. Told me to get it to him Friday morning and he'll have it done that day, paint and all.
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    Towing a 3 axle trailer with tire & wheel missing

    yep, Frank replacing all the leafs. He just freshened the trailer in January, paint, bunks, lights and wheel bearings. I don't blame them for the spring, how would they ever see that? Just a tired leaf....