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    2004 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Softtail Deuce

    Selling my Grandpas Harley. Hasnt been ridden in 6 years. Ran perfect before. I think 12K miles on it. Great shape needs a couple minor things. $12500 OBO
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    Question for the tall inmates

    im 6'5 we have a tundra....soooo much room!
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    Fuck sea world

    here ya go buddy...take the kids to see the whales....love sea world!
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    Is it me or has the market in Havasu made another huge jump!

    pops paid 253,500 fully furnished in July 2016......absolutely ridiculous.....has boat deep garage and amazing views from front and back yard...no pool...
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    How loud is your system

    is it all in the setup? or do you purchase it a certain way? meaning how the shop installs or how i buy it?
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    How loud is your system

    how do you follow this rule? im building a new system and all i care about is clean and crisp with a nice deep base dont need it to be super loud but definitely want to hear it at 50+mph
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    How loud is your system

    I had a JL audio Media Master System in my old boat. 2 10s 8 7.7s 2 big amps and it pumped pretty good. However If you ever see Eric Wangs 28 Shockwave Deck Or my New Mexico Boys 28 Shockwave Deck they have over Double what I had. Whenever they pulled up or I pulled up to them I just shut the...
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    Desert Storm Shootout “C’Mon Man”

    difference is you still had to hit the ball even tho you knew what was coming.....this is straight up nah i ran 174 without seeing the replay
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    Armored Car Attempted Robbery

    how does it end wtf!...dude got out and then what!!!!!!!!
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    Desert Storm Shootout “C’Mon Man”

    perfectly said!!!! I am wondering how this guy looks in the mirror
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    Sedona (Update with PICS)?

    in sedona all you have to do is open the door and walk outside for beautiful sights to see
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    To those who enjoy BOAT RACING, what do you prefer?

    I love the shootout format. Anyone runs what they got. I think its awesome to see all kinds of boats going top speed instead of watching the same boats going around in circles. From pontoons to flattys to the big cats and vhulls its so badass that even the average joe gets a shot at it. And...
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    Desert Storm Shootout “C’Mon Man”

    Well its obvious they dont know how to use the guns...they are thinking too much... put the gun in someones hand ...point gun at boat...read mph on screen through radio Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Desert Storm Shootout “C’Mon Man”

    So after watching that debacle on facebook....cory is claiming he ran 174 and provided pictures. Where are the pics? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Desert Storm Shootout

    if they are using a gun thats not how they work. if they were using laser timers totally different.....ive used a lot of radar guns in my time