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    Chopper Crash At The Landing?

    Lol I can’t talk about it, it’s classified. The CIA sealed all my records!!!!
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    Chopper Crash At The Landing?

    Agreed, maybe we can go on and on for days about whose fault it was and blah blah blah!!! Next will come the posts about how my uncles brothers dad flies helicopters for the CIA!!!!
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    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    Figured it out, thank you, l learned something new tonight lol.
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    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    And putting all the back and forth crap aside, I hope the victim and his family recover from this you lost me with “jumping the shark????”
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    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    This thread is about as ridiculous as the thread regarding the mouth of the river crash. So much speculation from people who have no idea what really happened. To the people who did the online research and actually found the boat involved.....great job! Turn the information over to the agency...
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    Leather floor mattes

    How much were the matching Lederhosen RD?
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    Changed out Daytona 28's.....pretty sure I will have this one awhile

    Super nice, I wish I could have found a gel scheme like that!! I got stuck with dorky tribal graphics!!!!
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    Mercury 525 decal

    Hey Peter I have some custom 496 HO stickers you can put on there!!!!
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    All good

    Agreed Dave. I used to carry a big ass cooler bag between the bow seats and just moving that one cooler to the back helped me. It probably weighed like 70-75 pounds.
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    [WTS] RH 24 pitch Bravo 1 prop

    Sorry it’s sold. I will change the ad to sold.
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    Gun question

    My 2 cents on a concealed carry gun.....the most effective carry gun is the one you actually will carry. All the bantering about 9 vs .40 vs .45 is a bunch of crap. If a Ruger LCP .380 is what you will ACTUALLY carry then load that thing with hydra shocks and carry it. Too many people buy a gun...
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    Spitting Motivation

    Yes he was. Do some research on him and you will find many sources who did time with him call complete bullshit on his stories. I have no personal knowledge of this guy, that's why I said, "You might want to do some research on this guy" before you buy what he's saying.
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    Spitting Motivation

    That train wreck is a roid raging, meth using poser!!!!