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    What if this were to happen???

    Yes, but the Mexican cartels already have a major presence and influence in the metropolitan cities of the US. That's the money running the local politicians
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    Election audit

    Time to split up Maricopa County. But where to draw the lines ?
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    SEMA tickets please....

    State. Any venue with a 4000+ capacity. Thank you Governor Sisicock. But if you've got the jab, I've got 2 Raiders tickets (possible 4) for sale. Sec. 328 row 6&7
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    Denver/Golden Colorado

    Holy crap, Idaho Springs is huge now. I was framing some custom homes up there in the 90's. It was empty compared to your pic.
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    Looking for a forklift

    Seen an old gas one for sale in chloride AZ. Been for sale for awhile.
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    Fer A Cheval: a mobile bar build thread

    Turned out awesome. Are the wheels locked (breaks) or do you have ssome hidden stabilizers to stop from rocking n rolling ? Congratulations on the referrals
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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    Firefox. Couldn't get on when it was down. But was like nothing ever happened once I got back in. Never had to log in again
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    Side by side rentals in LHC

    There's a rental places in old Bullhead that has a KRX, I believe. LoL sorry that's all I got, just remember seeing it out front.
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    Damn increases.......

    Short load up charge ? Still about $115 in Vegas, last i heard
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    So what yure saying is that all the people on here that have stated: I have never seen the river flowing this high, in the 15-50 years I've lived here, every day from early spring up until the day they declared a water emergency are just stupid liars and the government numbers are gospel...
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    Looking for VW off-road wheels and tires.

    I have 2 gold, 1 silver ( all faded, old tire on other gold ) 4 lug , 8 arm star, 15 X 5.5 in Fort Mohave. You pick up. Make offer, if you can use them.
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    Monsoon about to hit north havasu

    Look like they pulled all the plum 'n' line bracing, or 1 of the happy neighbors did. Framed a lot of houses in early 90's Denver area, no plywood shear, a mix of drywall and thermoply (structural cardboard) When I was in the Kansas city area I had a micro burst come through 2 houses I was...
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    Hey Dan!

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    Work f*ckups...whats your biggest

    Went on a boating forum, was going to find stuff out about my boat. . . ..
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    Work f*ckups...whats your biggest

    Late 80's framing a house for 1 of the $35,000 toilet seat aerospace lawyers on the Esplande ,right on the beach w/3'lot lines, in Redondo Beach. Getting late in the day on a Friday, traffic starting to build. Mason working on 1 of the 4 fireplaces needs a load of block on the 2nd floor so they...