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    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    My intent is not to buy a project boat in the sense that I cannot put the boat on the water as-is... I *am* willing to buy a project boat that may be ugly as sin inside (fisherman bucket seats, and all the other gawdawful things people do to sell boats) or similar and then as weeks, months...
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    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    great advice.. Thanks for caring!! :)
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    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    sure.. plenty of stuff in the desert and west coast.. NOT plenty of stuff in Dallas. thanks for the links.. I watch inland empire all the time just to salivate.. As shown above one of my requirements is the boat needs to be within 400 miles. These are all much further than that. I basically...
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    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    always wanted one of these.. not positive thats within 400 miles - but if he would come part way it could probably work out.. thank you!
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    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    Thanks! Fortunately I'm not a new boater so I know SOME of the things that I need to look for at least.. Will keep the thread updated.
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    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    Like I said - there is wiggle room. I would just prefer to get something a little more rough and spend money over time making it pretty rather than coughing it all up on the spot.. But I get your point - and I know it will take a bit to find whats right...
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    1988 Baker Rally Sport Tunnel Hull open bow

    necrothread - but I never saw a SOLD sign... is this still for sale by chance?
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    This section will be closing in the near future!

    like this traditional method way better.. my $.02
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    1988 Eliminator 207 Edge Bass Tunnel

    man just with a tiny bit of interior changes that could become a HUGE open sport boat... i love it.
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    26 Scarab CC I/O restoration

    would love to find a smaller, sporty center console - and would love to find one in this kind of shape so i could afford it lol... and finally, find something like that in TEXAS...
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    Happy Monday - WTB A boat....

    Welp I've finally put a few pennies together and am looking to buy something to float on this summer. There are several Chris Craft Capers available right now but they are all in the NE, and I am in Dallas. I'm not going to pay $1500 to ship a $4k boat.. Fail. So my budget is $4k or so.. Could...
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    Bourbon Thread - Reviews

    I live in Dallas and Four Roses came to my liquor store only recently (though I know its an ANCIENT brand, so thats weird), and I second it as a recommendation. Its wonderful!
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    Prime Rib

    great info here.. I was going to do my first this year but the peanut gallery decided it would be safer that my mom do it (as normal)... I will get a 3 boner and give it a shot in Jan or Feb.. Maybe for valentines day.. Saved lots of info from your various comments. Thank you!
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    How do you know when you've had too much to drink?

    When you wake up and another chicks asshole is all over your finger - and your best friend tells you that she begged you to do it. Sigh.
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    1981 Daytona 23.5?

    Greetings.. A member did a restore/mod of a Daytona 23.5 and I really fell in love with the way the boat looked originally. I was hoping that maybe due to the age I could find one neglected and cheap to work on slowly - but no such luck. Worse than that, I cannot find any boats at ALL by...