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    Any ideas to keep cats away?

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    Brisket style tri-tip

    Usually wrapping it does the trick. I read that the stall is caused but evaporation. So if you wrap it in tin foil or butcher paper it should start to climb again. Nice smoke ring on that one
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    Fuck Tesla!

    You owe all of us per mile. Road tax is for taking care of the roads. It’s in the cost of fuel. Get ready to pay per mile. It’s coming
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    Fuck Tesla!

    I had no idea that Tesla is selling “ carbon credits” my mind is blown . So investors in his company and our government subsidies and China makes him a billionaire and a “ hero” saving the planet? All while he sells carbon credits to polluters? And then those lithium batteries cannot be thrown...
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    Fuck Tesla!

    I have a hard time even talking about these stupid electric cars. Especially to dumb tree huggers. Those power plants keep chugging away with very little control and are way less efficient than a regular combustion engine that needs to meet or exceed at inspections. Dumb asses think they are...
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    Re-pipe with PEX?

    I’m going to say as a plumber for 27 years pex is just “ ok” it’s fast and a 3 month helper can do it. But in comparison to copper it’s not even close to better. But people say it’s the cats meow so I’ll keep installing it for the same copper price I used to do. But to leave you with an honest...
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    Re-pipe with PEX?

    I got tons of miles of pex installed. We use it in just about every new install. I personally think it is garbage. It has a 40 year life expectancy . So most houses we do that are over 10k square feet I push for copper. But track housing is always pex . The only real good place to use pex is for...
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    Your stupid, bad habits?

    Rehab is for quitters . We are no quitters
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    Lift kits vs leveling kit

    I did leveling on my 2500hd . I hate it. Wat to stiff. Not to mention I live in New York. The only state you can literally tell on road trips when your in New York . Pot holes you could lose a small child in
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    For the K5 Blazer fans.

    The sad thing is your new truck isn’t new. It’s 6 years old. Way past it’s prime. It’s like computers these days . Out dated next week. Except it’s a mortgage payment to own
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    Your stupid, bad habits?

    If I quit the kodiak , Marlboro , bud light , pbr’s , JD and the Red Bull ( occasional non over the counter) I wouldn’t be in a 35’ fountain. Thinking MTI SOMETHING SOMETHING.
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    For the K5 Blazer fans.

    This is my old k5. I should never have sold it. 3/4 axles. 383 stroker fuel injected. Everything was done to it. locking rear. Rarely needed 4x4. Was a beast. And those are the 44” tires
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    Tiger Woods in hospital

    Since you brought it up. I have always wondered how long it’s going to take before the black people realize that they were given the shortest month of the year. It’s never good enough anymore anyway. Soon it will be al year long anyway as I’m supposed upset and Ashamed of myself for being white
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    My pillow guy sued by dominion

    I hope it makes it viral and they can’t hide anymore. I hope something comes out of this. God knows no one is getting in trouble or investigated on the liberal side. We need a change
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    Never Ending Trash!!

    You have to admit that tar baby was pushing the envelope no. Was a different time and so was blazing saddles. I have zero interest in erasing ANY history good or bad. You know, that whole “ doomed to repeat” thing. Besides blazing saddles is top 3 movies for me