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    Urgent…Someone with Phoenix or Vegas Hospital connections!

    Wow I didn’t know that was the issue. Sounds terrible. I hope it all works out.
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    Urgent…Someone with Phoenix or Vegas Hospital connections!

    Can’t the family hire an ambulance to make the drive and go to the other hospital as emergency . It’s been over a week now. Sorry for my ignorance if I’m missing something. I just got out of icu for a month after hitting a deer on my motorcycle . Almost killed me . And I know hospitals suck but...
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    Something big is about to happen in the housing market

    Yeah the housing market will be ok. But what about all those huge SBA loans given the already failing business that will never be paid back ever. You know these loans were sold short just like those shit Mortgages. I wonder what will happen here
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    Baby boy has arrived

    You are blessed. Congratulations
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    Want to buy a Bravo 28 RH

    That’s cheap. Make sure they don’t have cracks in them
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    Residential Plumbing Question - detached garage bathroom

    Technically no. Never reduce on downstream . I have run 1/8 pitch on 3” in the past when it was absolutely necessary. Just make sure you don’t use a 1.28 gl flush toilet. Need a good flushing toilet and you can manipulate it to flush with more water by lowering the float on the flapper on...
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    Residential Plumbing Question - detached garage bathroom

    You can go 1/8 on 4”. I’m a licensed plumber for 30 years
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    Some Shots From Today

    Off-roading looks fun as shit. Great pics
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    Shop Tour - DCB.

    That’s awesome
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    RDP threads in the year 2050

    There will be no RDP. No one will be boating and on bread lines after dems pack the court , stop the filibuster and 90% of the people on assistance and 100% of illegal Aliens on assistance. Best chance for a boat ride will be to Cuba for a better life
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    C10 Build

    Very nice
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    For the Record?

    No. I had Covid and have the antibodies . As far as my family . No and it will stay that way
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    What happens to boats during hurricanes?

    Depends on it the insurance is worth more than boat. Some people have agreed value policies . Most of the time the leave them in the water. Some insurance companies will pay to have boat pulled to dry dock.
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    “Do I get a discount for being black?”

    They are calling it Equity. Sounds like equality. It’s not even close to the same thing
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    C-Pap machine for free

    I’ll take it. I just hit a deer on my motorcycle Wednesday . I’m still in icu. Broke all rigs or right side, hip, femur , collar bone , scapula and punctured lung. Almost died. Like I said I’m still in icu but found out my oxygen levels drop to 60% lol. So I found out I have sleep apnea a really...