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    Drinks for those not yet “Day Drinkers”……

    I tried a vape to quit smoking. My buddy making fun of me asks me what flavor did you get. I told him cigarette. I really like smoking. Thing worked pretty good till it broke and I bought a pack of cigarettes. Tried these taal no nicotine cigarettes but they have CBD in them and they just make...
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    Lake Mead Inactive Pool

    1900 gallons of water are required to produce 1 lb of almonds. In 2020 California produced 2.8 billion lbs of almonds. It takes 1362 gallons of water to produce a pound of pistachios. In 2020 California produced 1.05 billion pounds of pistachios. Growing these three water intensive crops in...
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    STR market (short term rental)

    Feds Powell today: "We want to get housing market back on to a more sustainable path... I think you will see increase in housing prices to slow pretty significantly now... Higher interest rates are painful but it's the tool we have to bring down inflation... The greatest pain would be if we...
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    STR market (short term rental)

    Market top combined with high rates. Depending on ltv and credit your looking at a rate that starts at 6 to into the 9s for a rental property. Bad timing.
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    Lake Powell today

    Did they pull the docks out at rainbow?
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    Father's day gift?

    She got the two pack. Her boyfriend is doing the same thing as you tonight lol
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    Hey LAM

    That tree is birchen what's it made out of?
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    Time to buy some crypto?

    Falling knif at this point good luck.
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    Who wants a Toyota RAV4?

    Went to the local Toyota dealer to take a look at the new tundra. All are reserved none on the lot. Went by the Ford dealer. They had no trucks except a used platinum that they wanted 90k for. Went to CarMax they had some beat up trucks with 65k+ on the clock for 45-60k. Drove by the Chevy...
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    California officials install devices to limit water flow at homes that use too much

    It's not that we don't want more people in California. It's that we are demanding infrastructure be put in place to support the population. California has the highest taxes in the country and we worry about basic necessarilies like water and electricity while having the largest budget surplus in...
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    Raptor Broncos; how many ya want? Here ya go and in person. Suspension close ups.

    I had a shot at an eichler in orange back in 2012 but got outbid. It recently sold for 4x what they paid for it missed the boat on that one.
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    Pontoon Rentals- Bullhead/Needles

    Boat setter has worked out for us in the past...
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    1991 Silhouette 8.4 Project

    I remember seeing one of these at the San Diego boat show with my dad as a kid. It had twin 280s on it. My dad and I were practically begging my step mom to let us pull the trigger lol. Cool boat.
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    Old Tonka Trucks (SOLD)

    That Willy's is bad ass.
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    Night sky Amazon prime

    Just finished the first season anybody watch this? Jk Simmons is great. Show moves slowly but the mystery of it all kept me engaged. Pretty good overall.