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    Damn Dam Run Shirts order to be placed June 30th.

    Put me in for 2 xl tanks please Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    Weird size Front door

    You’re going to be hard pressed finding a 40” fiberglass door. That is definitely an odd size. Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    2013 Eliminator 22 Daytona w/300XS’s

    Damn underwear got dirty again. So much for the “special occasion props” [emoji6] [emoji1787][emoji1787] Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    Fender storage

    This is what I told him, but then he told me about his carpentry skills... [emoji15] Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    Thank you Mike aka Fishing Fool and others / ate some humble pie tonight

    I have found this time of year is always a bit sketchy! All the winter sediment causes weird shallows. Once traffic increases and people start using the good line, I think it gets churned up by close calls and ends up widening back up. Glad you guys are safe Walt. [emoji106] Sent from a van...
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    RIP River/Bob Tulley you will be missed brother

    I met Bob years back in my Jeep days. I tagged along him and OCMerrill on a few runs. Those guys are actually how I ended up finding this place. He was a really cool guy. So outgoing and open. Always wanting to see others do well. So sad to hear that he is gone so early. Rest Easy in Paradise...
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    Did Milkmoney quit the site?

    Bye Felicia. Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    Alamo Lake Ride 2020

    This looks like it was a great time. Hopefully the future runs will line up in the calendar so we can get in on some of this fun!! [emoji106] Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    Where You are Watching The Super Bowl?

    Cleaned up the job site and having some friends over. Had to paint the tv/fireplace wall detail so I could hang the tv and soundbar. It’s plugged in with an extension cord because the addition isn’t connected yet. Lol Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    A dog picture thread

    Emma Lily It’s a dogs life. Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    MC License plate on can am

    Full street Part-time I just got my new registration and since I don’t drive much on the street around Havasu, I went with the partial on this car. I will run it like this until I hear that they start cracking down or when I start seeing more street time. Sent from a van down by the river...
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    Polaris RZR XP900

    That’s a good looking car. Seems well taken care of. [emoji106] Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]
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    Damn Dam Run 2020

    Sounds like we will be in this year. We will team up with @BUDMAN and run our 24’ Chaparral. We will be in the slower to midlan group for speed (40mph average) and will be able to knock down some water for some of the smaller boats if need be. Looking forward to it!! [emoji106] Sent from a...
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    Went to school for a couple days...

    Definitely don’t drive one until you are ready to buy one!! Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji3577][emoji41]