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    I bought a full auto BB gun. It is fun.

    How many mags before you need to replace the CO2?
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    Foreign Plates

    I was going by the TX DMV website which says like $50 for a 6k weight. Thats an escalade which is like $1k for AZ plates. https://www.txdmv.gov/sites/default/files/body-files/FeeChart_1C.pdf
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    E Bikes?

    Because its scottsdale. It makes no sense really, but they actually have an ordinance on it.
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    Foreign Plates

    Cheaper plates and to get around emissions most likely
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    E Bikes?

    The only place in AZ I've heard give you hassles are Sedona and Browns ranch in Scottsdale. Browns actually has signs at the entrance "No electric bikes" and I've heard the trail ambassadors will hassle you. I've been there and never had an issue so who knows what the truth is.
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    E Bikes?

    I have a Cube stereo hybrid 140. Love it so far, put about 100 miles on it last month. On the eco setting I get over 60 miles per charge, or you turn it up to turbo and there's basically no effort to climb any hill you can keep the front end down for.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    FIL got his 1st dose yesterday. He has already had covid, but wanted the vaccine. Spent the night with body aches, fever and chills. A little better today but it definitely hit him harder than the SIL.
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    Octane Marine (Phx) - Detailing

    I stored my boat there for a while as well as had him do work on my boat. I never saw a bad detail while I was there. I don't think he would let a hack be associated with his shop
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    AMC took a nice hit after hours and dropped like $5 a share. Tesla dropped like $60 a share. Market is crazy right now
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    Hey mountain bikers - tubes or tubeless?

    I just switched to tubeless last weekend. Took 2 days for the tires to "seal" but now they are fine. When you say "flats", is this when the bike is sitting or out on rides? Like others said, you need to add sealant every now and then as it dries up esp in AZ.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    AZ news said Johnson & Johnson should be approved in 1-2 weeks. No weird refrigeration requirements and only 1 dose. They said since it doesn't have the refrigeration requirements beyond a normal frig, it will go to pharmacies and doctors offices.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    SIL got the Pfizer yesterday. Sore arm same as a flu shot so far. No big deal
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    Kenosha will burn tonight

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    Roomba-I robot???

    Started out with the cheaper $300 unit and didn't like it. Just randomly drove around and missed spots, couldn't find its home etc.. Returned it and got the 981 model. MUCH better. It follows a pattern like a human would, finds its base to recharge and resume till finished, and is easier to...
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    Biden's gun plan per news this am...

    They do, which is why you can't claim you lost them etc.. Everyone's true worry is once they are registered, then if a full ban is issued they know what you have. In reality, if you register and pay the fee they you risk confiscation one day. If you don't register then its a safe queen...