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    BVI charter question

    Thanks, sounds like their insurance is the way to go.
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    BVI charter question

    All of these BVI trips got me researching it and I'm about 80% we are going to rent a power cat for 7 days via Marinemax. One items i don't see in anyones posts, did you get the damage insurance at like $90 a day or did you do the Credit card hold for damage? I have State Farm on my boat, does...
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    1 dog at vet, 1 dog in jail...and a trip to the ER

    "most" dogs will keep fighting once it gets serious. Some get to enjoy it and it becomes more frequent. I haven't seen pics of the dogs but once they really start tearing each other up, its usually past the play and get along forever stage.
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    1 dog at vet, 1 dog in jail...and a trip to the ER

    Having been through 5 live bite situations myself, keep the wound clean, LET IT BLEED!! The draining keeps it clean. It will swell like a bitch from the pressure damage but it goes away in a few weeks. If you see signs of infection, see a Dr! Don't wait or it can spread pretty quick. Image...
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    Boat ramp stories?

    When I was a kid dad used to get pretty sauced when boating. One day he’s putting the boat on the trailer and decided to pull it the last 1’ or so to get it lined up with the winch line. His wet foot slips on the trailer and he takes the trailer right to the nuts hard enough he ended up in the...
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    2750 NuEra MCOB w/ Merc 565

    I have a Lavey 29 nuera, I love their build quality!
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    Opendoor, Zillow, etc... Any experience?

    I sold a house 2yrs ago in Phx and contacted opendoor first. They offered $188k after their fees etc.. I sold the house 3 weeks later usuing a realtor for $232k which left me with $220k after realtor fees etc..
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    Nissan Dealer service ... or lack thereof

    It would bother me until I checked every other fluid they changed to see if its full or even changed. I took my Tundra in for the "free" oil change tire rotation etc.. Next day I checked the oil only to discover they never changed it!! Service manager really had no excuse. Made me remember...
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    Laser trainers

    They are a good training tool and definitely better than not shooting. I've had some guys with issues when recoil is reintroduced from an actual gunshot. Esp for multiple shots
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    Arizona is in the crosshairs!

    Yup, going to be an interesting year for 2A bills in AZ. I don't think any will pass this year, but there is a very good chance the power will shift to a Democratic State for the first time since the 70's.
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    RDP Dogma Part 4:

    Weekly for inside dogs. Outside dogs, when they smell or if while petting them your hand has dirt/dander
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    HP guesstamite.

    Wouldn't you need more details like heads, cam etc. to know if the motor is maxed out or if the extra boost would help?
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    How about this cheer battle ;-)

    Well its East St Louis sooooo. Not to be confused with St Louis MO, this City is much worse.
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    3M vs Meguiar’s compounds

    Good to know!
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    3M vs Meguiar’s compounds

    Anyone have better experience between 3M marine compound and finishing material vs meguiars marine restoration system? Looking to polish up the boat while it’s still cool enough out. Mostly white with some darker graphics, some oxidation on the sides but nothing horrible. I’ve been checking...