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    Highland Park Parade Shooter

    Yeah they state they didn't report the incident to the State Police so no red flags when he applied for a FOID card. And now its coming out he bought 5 guns and two rifles in "the chicagoland area" after that incident. Had the incident been reported to the State Police, there's a chance he...
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    Interesting Hallett

    Not mine, but interesting set up with the OB's https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/boa/d/surprise-hallett-24-foot/7504900469.html
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    Highland Park Parade Shooter

    A drone could sweep, but then you just enter the roof right after. The bigger issue is this is a high $$ community. Several of them denied drone programs because "we don't have crime, police just want to spy on us" mentality. Keep in mind, this is a City that thought banning AR's and hi-cap...
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    Highland Park Parade Shooter

    I worked for the Dept next door to this City and I can tell you this City and the ones around it do not. This will sound bad, but there are no high value targets. The only time I have seen rooftops cleared is major sporting events and if a politician is visiting
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    Highland Park Parade Shooter

    A long line of nut jobs too. His grandfather was known for being nuts, his father as well. Curious when all of the details come out on this.
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    Highland Park Parade Shooter

    IL let alone Chgo isn't even in the top 5 for strictest gun laws. Until last week, it was harder to get a CCW in NY or CA than IL which has had ccw for nearly a decade. BUT the City this happened in (not Chgo) does have a local ordinance banning hi-cap mags and AR's. I'm sure it'll come out...
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    52% of high priority calls in Chicago had no

    Hes a local nutjob. Dad ran for mayor in the City this occurred in. Grandfather was nuts too.
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    Hey inmates, KMG boat

    Damn that thing is beautiful!
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    Hey Vaggots

    What a misleading headline. It should match what the article says "The New York Times has finally accepted that individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 who previously contracted the virus had “lower rates of infection and hospitalization than those protected by vaccines alone." Of course...
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    Pretty much. I was clear when I went to HI, have the vax and booster, came home and tested positive so I'm sure I caught in HI. They are strict as heck on the masks and still caught it. The only plus side is I only got tested cuz the wife had a fever and chills. I feel fine. Oh and I could...
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    LOL good luck. I was in Honolulu last week and it was vax card and ID every place we went. A couple of the local spots even hesitated to let us in at all since we weren't locals. One dive restaurant stopped us at the door, asked if we had a reservation, closed the door, came back and said ok...
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    I believe you can also get a letter from your Dr if you still test positive and they waive the quarantine
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    Weed vs Covid ? hmmmm

    Not sure I buy this one. My friend smokes regularly and got the vaccine, went to FL last week came home with covid
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    Another JAB gone bad story

    Had the J&J first shot and zero side effects, could have been water they shot me up with as my arm wasn't even sore. I got the booster a couple of weeks ago, J&J again. The next day it felt like someone had punched me in the ribcage on the side I got the shot. Lasted a day and then nothing...