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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Look what the storm kicked up on the beach!
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    So how much did this t shirt cost me? DUI checkpoint question

    It was a long time ago as these kids are in their 20's now but I got pulled over for having a faded orange flag when I was skiing. No cite and kids got some SO swag.
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    Fuel cooler

    So last year in Powell my buddies 2007 Tige would vapor lock when we went no wake speed. We ran the blower and lifted the engine hatch to vent it and it solved the problem. This was a mid July trip. Getting ready for Powell this year we did a full service on it. We changed out the fuel filter...
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    It's Friday - Time for a Drink

    Went to Duke's in Huntington Beach for Mai Tai Friday but they no longer have happy hour. So we went to El Ranchito instead. Two VW Shows this weekend. One in OC and one LB.
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    What's the latest on Solar????

    Need for the PUC to fail too!
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    Back Disc Pain: Anyone had surgery or the outpatient treatment?

    Left leg is always numb, still have strength but I often stub my left toe as I don't lift my leg up due to nerve issues. I have had 3 epidurals over past 3 years. Pretty pain free unless I do something stupid. I can't ski 4 times a day anymore and limit it to once a day when at the river...
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    Back Disc Pain: Anyone had surgery or the outpatient treatment?

    https://www.watkinsspine.com/ Fused C5-C7 few years ago and had no issues. Seeing Dr Watkins JR for L5-S1 now. Office only takes Sports Pros and first responders. When it's time to get cut for my back I am super confident in my doctor. Surgery is always a last resort when I see him.
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    Memorial weekend picture thread

    Gascon won't pass but he will eliminate any of his priors and cut any enhancements.... Shop it to ATF and let him do federal time!
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    Cell phone overheats when playing music

    And the XR s have been known to run so hot they brick. Happen to buddy's fruit phone 2 weeks ago at the river.
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    Cell phone overheats when playing music

    Been runny Sammy's since Galaxy S3. Used Slacker in the old days and Spotify now. I had a S10 prior to my Note 20 Ultra. Never have had heat issues but I run Spotify in Off Line mode so it doesn't need data to play. As mentioned, battery save mode or airplane mode as weak signal can cause phone...
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    Very cool photo of my grandfather WW2. Share your Memorial Day thoughts and photos.

    Grandfather flew Corsairs in WW2. Went on to be Chief of Flight Test at Edward's Air Force Base. http://www.edwardsreunion.org/Memorial/Links/StrierJack/index.html
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    Lake Powell state line report

    Finally going up! http://graphs.water-data.com/lakepowell/
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    Memorial weekend picture thread

    Buddy sent the pics... DUI check is my guess as driver was in the SO boat. He did not get the orange life vest prize so he must have been sober.
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    Memorial weekend picture thread

    Cited for too large of a flag? 😂
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    The future of tow vehicles?

    It's 10k for the higher end models. And check this out! https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a34277725/ford-f-150-range-extender-ev-pickup-patent/