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    SoCal Pools and Landscape builds

    Nice work once again Mr. KecK! Looks like that stacked stone is the Hot pick right now.👍 Love my So Cal Pools Remodeled Pool.
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    Big Shout Out to So Cal Pools!

    @RiverDave @Melloyellovector Yes, Thank you. We are pretty jazzed with the way it came out. Even though Tim would show up to the house with his Rainbow "Riverwhips" stickers on his truck and dump trailer, he is a good guy. I don't know about anyone else but I was banking on some "RDP Love" to...
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    Big Shout Out to So Cal Pools!

    @Melloyellovector Just finished our backyard/pool remodel with So Cal Pools. Me and wife could not be happier with the limited space we had to work with. Added a Jacuzzi, Baja shelf and barstools,firepit,all new deck and an outdoor kitchen. As much as I wanted a granite countertop, I took Tim's...
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    Some of you might find this interesting. Pool Renovation.

    Dam!!! I guess I got lucky working with my pool contractor I never worked with Before. I started my Backyard gut and Pool remodel adding a jacuzzi 3 days before you. Not as big as your pool. Plaster and Equipment next week. My guy and his crew have definitely been on point!
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    Outdoor kitchen

    I was thinking the same thing as far as the sink size, rinsing my hands or needed water. No garbage disposal here. Check offer up too. Scored a deal on a $200 door for $50 brand new. Was only looking for 1 that matched my set up.
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    Outdoor kitchen

    What a fun Thread to be part of. My Outdoor Kitchen just started today. Footing poured and block going up as we speak. Damn! I'm glad I didn't pay $588 for my 15" x 15" stainless steel bar sink off Build.com! Elkay K115152 Drop-In Mount Drop-In Sink, 2 Hole, Satin Finish 94902029627 | eBay
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    SoCal Pools and Landscape builds

    @Melloyellovector Nice work Mr. Keck! Now I know where your hanging out;)
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    Need Opinions - Stuff For My 2004 GMC 2500HD

    Getting tired of replacing parts here and there and the crappier ride. Like the level look now with the 33's. Plus I'm getting old!
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    Well it seems like online selling is changing

    True Story, about 6 months ago I listed a 19 year old 5 piece bar height patio set on Offer up and sold it in 1 hour for $250.I paid $375 19 years ago at Costco. Never had more hits on something. Anything will sell on Offerup. You just need to have some patience sometimes with these...
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    Need Opinions - Stuff For My 2004 GMC 2500HD

    I would never raise my truck again either. 2004 Silverado 2500HD 8.1L 315/70R17. 17 x 9 Moto Metal. Currently Sniffin around for a newer 2500HD.
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    Red light camera tickets- What’s the scoop

    I got one of those Red light camera tickets in West Covina. Just like you said crossing the white limit line. My neighbor LEO told me once I got that ticket in the mail not to click on the website link it tells you to go to, you would then "admit guilt". Been years, no hold up on registration or...
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    Tommy Lasorda

    Sad News...RIP Tommy! At least he got to see a Dodgers WS Win!!
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    Reward Credit Card

    Yes, i use mine there for gas and purchases.
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    Residential A/C service *San Gabriel Valley*

    Robert S-Graphic Air (Chino) 909-917-8534 He's a Boardmember here but Don't think he posts much anymore. Has always taken care of me.
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    Lake Havasu fishing

    Back in June "Uncle Joe" took us Striper fishing up in the river. We hit all his Honey Holes. Caught stripers at every spot. My son caught this 7lb striper on anchovies. Last year I caught a 30lb Turtle out by the casino.