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    School me on Golf Carts

    I'm over by the Landing as well. I have both gas and electric and they both have their pro's and con's. Currently have 3 golf carts as we usually have guests and like to have a spare car available. This one is for sale. EZ-Go with newer batteries(last year), new battery cables(EZ-Go kit)...
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    Amazon deal of the day

    If you're a Amazon Prime member it's $28.00 OTD including CA taxes.
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    Quick detail cleaner

    Hot Sauce is about as easy as you're going to find. Beer, Hot Sauce, wipe, repeat.
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    Fathers day weekend

    Got here a couple of hours ago, quite a few boats on the water already. Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend.
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    Where Did All the Eliminator Eagle Vees Go?

    Built mine in 03 and sold it in 06. I missed it too much and bought it back 3 years ago.
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    Jumper pole extensions or ideas?

    Dave, I did this one and seriously can't beat it for the price. It mounts using existing holes and has everything in the kit. I have a air compressor I take that only has alligator clips for the battery plus my tender has them as well. If you take out the back seat it will take you 15 minutes...
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    The homeless suck

    He's fixing my son's car right now.
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    2008 Ford F450 6.4 Diesel issues?

    Good reading on whatever you decide. http://powerstrokehelp.com/6-4liter/6-4_main.asp I decided to keep my 6.0 and head stud it, 5k was cheaper than a new truck.
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    Has anyone on here ever bought the same boat twice?

    I just did it a couple of years ago. I had Eliminator build me a 230 Eagle in 03, sold it in 06. I bought it back for 1/3 of the price. It needed some TLC when I got it back.
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    Question about wiring a boat

    Here is what I used. https://www.eddiemarine.com/shop/trim-tabs/trim-tab-accessories/forward-reverse-relay-box It can be used for both trim tabs and hatch actuator. The voltage from the switch was too low to work the hatch, this was the fix.
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    Overtons - 40% off Today

    Thank you, I needed some new dock lines and fenders.
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    24' Enclosed trailer

    Great deal, I just picked my 20' from Sky and it was almost 7k.
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    Glamis shitter pump out

    Bernies is who we use. $50 but it's tough to get them all the way down to Road Runner.
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    Where to buy good beef?

    Have you tried Hottingers? http://www.hottingerfamilymeats.com/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/hottinger-family-meats-chino