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    Need a Landscape Architect in Havasu

    I’ve got a condo association in Havasu that is looking to redesign its front entrance area with a new entrance, entry monument, gate, perimeter walls and landscaping. Don’t need a set of plans, just a good schematic/concept from someone that has a good eye for this stuff. Any referrals would...
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    Weed thread!!! A place for reviews, shops, legal, ect

    Wondering if anyone has experience in CBD in the treatment of autoimmune/thyroid conditions, specifically hashimotos/chrohns disease? My wife has been suffering for years and tried everything under the sun, and recently I've been researching the potential benefits of CBD in treatment. Her...
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    If Trump looses, Trump 2024?

    I think they will be positioning Ivanka for a succession plan
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    Trump Coming For A Bite In Newport Beach Tomorrow

    I think it is only $2800 a person
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    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    So good. I’m an Arcadia Apache too; my memories start with a backyard party at a house on Singingwood where they were jamming. RIP EVH
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    Maybe. It could be that they mutually terminated the existing continuous enrollment, but agreement provides that subsequent enrollments are governed by the agreement. At that point the question is what the parties Intended to terminate when the original 3yo stopped attending. Of course this...
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    Would need to review the original contract, it is possible that there is a clause that states it applies to subsequent enrollment of the same child and/or members of the immediate family. If not, then they owe you all the money. If so, it sounds like they owe you one week per kid. Either...
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    Would need to know additional details regarding what happened a year later, what the parties did or did not do at that time, what was exchanged at that time and how long the parties performed a year later under the new terms. Based on what you have provided thus far it sounds like there is...
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    OC Sewer Line Boring Company?

    So the company that came out said that they dont save videos of the cameras that they did - that is apparently an extra charge - but they will come out again now that the temporary repair ($6k BTW) is complete and for another $275 shoot me a video to show the remaining problems in the line...
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    OC Sewer Line Boring Company?

    Pipe bursting looks like the best possible solution here. That is some amazing technology. I'll going to try and find a local company to come out and take a look. Thanks Hammer!
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    OC Sewer Line Boring Company?

    Thanks guys, knew I could get some good info here. Rerouting is not an option, I’ve explored that but I have clearance problems on both sides of the pool as well as minimal slope, so I’m pretty sure that staying within the existing are is only option. Slab on grade on one side and basically...
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    OC Sewer Line Boring Company?

    So I had one of those weeks, my main line backed up so they stuck a camera down and found out I had a collapse. I’m up and running after 3 days of saw cutting concrete, trenching and a band aid repair, only to find out that about 70’ of my remaining line is 75 year old Orangeburg that goes...
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    Auto Mechanic Referral - Orange County, Costa Mesa Area

    I'm in need of a recommendation for a "go to" general mechanic for maintenance items that periodically come up. Current need is a 2008 Jeep that needs a few things. I used to take everything to the guys at Costa Mesa Brakes but they sold the business. Thanks!
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    School me on generators and AC units for toy haulers

    What about running two predator 3500s in parallel? That should be more than enough to power your whole rig, and your concerns about the HF dependability are addressed as it would be rare to have both of them take a dump on you at the same time.