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    Truck Prices during 2020....

    That’s really what I meant by crash is a return to normal.
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    Truck Prices during 2020....

    Been looking at 2015/2016 f250’s and back when COVID hit you could get a lariat with 50k miles for 35-38 and now they are 45-50. Even couple year old trucks are now going for what they likely sold for when new.
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    Truck Prices during 2020....

    This year has been a rollercoaster so far and it seems I missed out on the deals that were around back in April/May. That being said, do you guys think the market will crash or return to normal in the next 2-6 months?
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    2001 Chevrolet Suburban - $3500

    How many miles?
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    Honda civic MPG

    Got an 08 civic and if you drive like a normal person I usually get 300+ miles out of a tank with mostly city and some highway driving
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    New one got a diesel in it or big block?
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    Looking for our first RV

    Buddy has a grand design that’s basically a house on wheels. Nice ass rv’s some of the best out there
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    Used Truck Prices

    Diesel? Price and miles?
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    Thinking about password protecting this forum..

    I think it’s a good idea. Not sure if there’s a spam problem but I know some forums would benefit and certain sections here
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    [WTB] Wanted: Mini Schiada

    Poor thing. Guy in my neighborhood is the same way with his 58 vette. Been sitting uncovered for years and he won’t sell
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    [WTB] Wanted: Mini Schiada

    I’m probably looking for a needle in a haystack but anyone know of or have a mini schiada for sale?
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    2001 chevy dually

    Yes they machine the holes so they match up/line up when you put the wheels on. Looks cleaner
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    2001 chevy dually

    yeah you are right on
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    2001 chevy dually

    rear has the inner duals faced to make the outer one flush with the fender
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    2001 chevy dually

    only the inner dual is faced. the outers are normal as are the fronts