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    Survivor Season 41 thread

    Big fans here
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    Good times on the water. Post up people

    Looks great, good work
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    I've got two words that sum up the whole deal. Caveat Emptor. 2F seems very knowledgeable about all things boat related, maybe just got a little too excited about this one and didnt do his due diligence.
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    Havasu Landing Input Please...

    This ^ it's actually over $2 a gallon cheaper at the Thalypo station on Hwy 95 in Mohave Valley than here at the Landing. I think it's 2.69 compared to 4.74 at the hardware store here. Are you staying at the Casino hotel or somewhere in the park?
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    Mach Jesus.

    Used to go through 5 cups of feed a day, between the 3 feeders I had out. To put this picture in perspective the nest is the size of a shot glass.
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    I do. I was pretty young at the time, had to be in the early 1960's. We stayed at a place called the Califonian and a couple of the adults would take turns skiing down there and back. I was the little kid observer sitting in the back next to that screaming motor always wondering if it was gonna...
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    Monsoon about to hit north havasu

    Getting hammered at The Landing right now. Wind,rain,thunder, lightning and no power for the last 1/2 hour
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    Monsoon about to hit north havasu

    Raining at The Landing now
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    "Other than that it's a perfect boat"

    It's got a custom hatch prop, that has to be worth something
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    Monsoon about to hit north havasu

    Lots of wind and lightning, no rain yet
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    Billet gun rack?

    Damn, palpable, digging deep in the vocabulary. 👍
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    Crazy Craigs List Ad

    Actually I was searching for antique farm equipment. Atleast that's what I'm going with 😄