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    court got it right!

    The fact that every single judge in the lower courts got this wrong and that the decision was 9-0 should tell you how out of touch with the constitution our judges and legal system is. This never should’ve had to go this far. Some judges need to lose their jobs and their law licenses over...
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    Trickle Charging...Leave hatch open?

    I use a Deltran battery tender on my batteries which sits on a shelf outside boat. My batteries are in a small separate compartment next to the engine bay and I leave the battery cover closed.
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    Good morning Inmates Sunday’s Honey

    Good morning! Headed out to trail ride with my bros this morning
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    Fuck sea world

    No shirt, no shoes, no service.... Their house, their rules. Before you flame me I’m not agreeing with the policy. As a business owner/property owner and homeowner, it’s mine to decide who, what and how. Private property rights trump all and it needs to stay that way. If not we go down a...
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    Question for the tall inmates

    While I’m only 6’-0” I’m not sure Toyota will work out for him. Tundra’s tend to all have sunroofs which limit headroom. I don’t feel like I have a ton of excess headroom in my Toyota. Happy with the truck otherwise.
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    A Honest Smoking Recipe for Port Butt/Shoulder Please

    this is a good point. It WILL stall, this is normal and to be expected.
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    A Honest Smoking Recipe for Port Butt/Shoulder Please

    You should be cooking the meat to temp, not by time. This is why you’re getting such a large time swing from people. Get a temp gauge and cook until 195 is my preferred temp to cook to. I’ve had 8 pound butts done in 8 hours and taken as long as 12-14 hours. All depends on temp of smoker...
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    No Credit Score, No Problem !

    This whole deal is bullshit. If someone with no credit score wants a credit score let them do it just like the rest of us. With a small amount of credit on a card and build it up showing that you’re responsible. I suspect that most of the people this is meant to “help” have no credit because...
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    I'll just leave this here...

    If it’s so f’n easy why don’t you fire your pool biz back up, hire dudes for the wages that Jao Xiden thinks you should pay and show us your books when you’re all done. I project red ink....lots of red ink. People tend to forget that things like market forces tend to cap what you can charge...
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    Revenge Prank Ideas

    strip-o-gram to the front door. Maybe make it a gay one for extra fun. Just make sure mom and dad are home to answer the door!
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    What to do? Not this season but next.

    I'd run in for the season and sell it before the end of the season and wait for the market to correct. Could mean you sit out a season next year. I don't think you'll get a good ROI on dropping a 502 and interior into that boat when the market swings back down
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    Enterprise Rental

    Rental companies are short on units like everything so welcome to pandemic pricing for rental cars. Heard stories of 800/day in Maui.... https://www.govisithawaii.com/2021/04/01/hawaii-rental-car-shortage-expensive/
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    You mean like this...?
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    Quick Rant / Gripe Just for $hi+s & Giggles

    Have your gardener blow all the clippings, dust and leaves all over their car....
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    2005 Ram 3500 dually

    I tend to agree with you especially since the market seems to be all sorts of off kilter.