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    A view from the office window. What’s yours?

    I was answering work emails, does that count?
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    Memorial Day Footage from RDP

    Dave is was great seeing you and your lovely wife at Havasu Springs last weekend.
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    New Laser/Radar detection in California?

    CB Handel was "Smiling Jack the eye in the sky"
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    Bill Gates getting divorced

    Wait, what, money can't buy you happiness????
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    VAX Passports are Here!!!!!

    Of Course not, Drag Racers don't spread the covid
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    CA DMV Sux?

    I won a trophy from a Badgers race in Johnson Valley in 1985, Good club, Great course.
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    2021 Dodger baseball thread!!!!!!!

    I have Dodgers still on viewing restriction for Mookie taking a knee last year on opening day.
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    Need Positive Thoughts And Preyers Please

    Get Well Soon
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    Minimum wage my ass.

    1968 worked at McDonald's making real milk shakes for $1.10 minus .10 per hour for food. Minimum wage was $1.65 but McDonald's scored a student wage of $1.10
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    No more petty drama on RDP

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    No more petty drama on RDP

    Enough said?
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    Tole House Restraurant - Gone!

    Flo's on Riverside Drive in Chino or at the Chino Airport
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    Well Sparkys, now you've done it

    As an Electrician our common terms: Pecker Head Man Hole Pot Head Cheaters Cum-a-long Lady slippers
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    Boat Name Help

    Legal Terms Seeking Relief Finding Remedies
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    Sunrise at Havasu Springs