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    LHC Body Shop Help

    Whatever you do, Don't go to Caliber!! They are as good as Maaco. They suck!!
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    Horsepower heaven in Miami

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    Doge coin

    48 cents right now. I'm staying in it for the long haul
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    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    My 69 Chevelle, 70 C-10, 86Chevy Squarebody
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    Doge coin

    Robinhood, I got 1800 shars at .06, wish i bought more!!!
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    Doge coin

    I bought 1800 shares couple weeks ago at .06 I'm praying it sky rockets!!!
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    Mountain Bikes

    Get a Specialized Turbo Levo, you will thank me later. Still get as much as a workout as you want. Just keep the power on eco.
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    Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Question?

    Just put it in our daughter's room & family room. We used life proof brand. Very easy to install & looks great. It say waterproof, but when you ask around it's more like water resistant. Still a very nice product that is fully composite.
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    Hey mountain bikers - tubes or tubeless?

    Tubeless with Stans. You will need to add some Stans over time as needed, but is awesome to ride with confidence of not getting a flat. I still carry a tube as i seen a friends tire get a 1 inch gash & all the stans blew out. he put a tube in to get it back to the trucks.
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    Introducing Miles Garrett NFL Man of the Year

    Negro football league
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    Stuff you do that your wife hates?

    Buy lots of ktm dirt bikes. Braaaappppp
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    Auto insurance ... what companies don’t suck?

    State farm. You get what you pay for
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    Why I don’t like lithium batteries

    They have special charging bags so that doesnt happen. I dont own any but after seeing this im buying some today.
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    1/2" Drive Cordless Impact?

    Milwaukee, we use battery Milwaukee at our auto body shop everyday. Very powerful & reliable.