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    24’ Schiada for sale

    SOLD! This is an amazing boat and served my family well for the last 8 years. Lots of memories. Now it’s going to make memories for another family. I’m going to miss this one.........🤙🏼
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    Commercial registration

    And let’s not forget about the $32.00 public safety fee that was added last year or the year before. So the state could make some additional money.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    It’s still available and ready for a new family. There‘s been a few prospects with offers (that I excepted) but they couldn’t come up with the money to buy it.
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    Did the ceramic coating thing again, mind blown.

    Just had my 2020 Ford Ranger ceramic coated by Bob Moses, Phx location. It looks amazing!
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    I'm in an argument with the wife....post your age.

    I’m almost 58 and I’d take the hot rod ride 🤙🏼 However, my wife would step-in and I’d end up with the cruiser for the whole family to enjoy 🤔😁
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    [SOLD] Innovative Lighting Power Light

    Did this sell? Or is it still available?
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Yes, pump gas. When I go to Parker I fill up with av gas.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Back up to the top. Lowered the price. It’s ready for a new family to enjoy......
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    Let's See Your Butt!

    Here’s mine
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    I just checked my phone and didn’t see anything. Try again or call me. Thanks
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    It’s been awhile since I last posted. The pending sale fell through back in September. I took it out this summer a total of 3 times. In the garage waiting for the new owner to come and get it. Open to reasonable offers.
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    Who’s the Volvo Penta Guru in Phoenix, Havasu, or IE Area?

    Try Octane Marine, Glendale, Az, Charles @ 602-670-3335.
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    Race ski bindings

    If you’re in the Phoenix area, try Southwest Rubber—602-288-7063. They made me some new rubber straps for my race ski bindings about two years ago. I took my old rubber in and they used them as templates and drilled all the screw holes in the new rubber. Easy to install.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Back to the top. Would like to get this garage ornament sold, it’s ready to make a new owner happy. I would consider a partial trade for a CanAm X3 maxx