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    The people of Del Taco Barstow

    That carrot cake though. We usually make a stop there every week when we have business at the Barstow courthouse.
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    What’s Your Fav Mexican Beer ?

    Negra Modelo
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    Just when I thought I had seen it all - I40 experience last night

    It happens a LOT more than you may think.
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    Semi rant

    If you think the trucks are bad, wait til we start checking for COVID vaccine verification at the Ag Station. [emoji851]
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    Rice road dumb ass

    Job security. [emoji23][emoji23]
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    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    Yeah the details on the non-public version of that CAD are fucking crazy. [emoji51][emoji851]
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    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    Female (XRAY) in a maroon dress standing on right shoulder (RS)
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    Can I register my cars and toys in AZ???

    It’s always funny when these threads are started… weather it’s CA or AZ, and you’ve got members here with factual knowledge… (BoatCop for AZ stuff, for one) who chime in with the actual answers. Then you get so many second hand stories, my friend this and my parents that. But but but but...
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    Can I register my cars and toys in AZ???

    Lol nice try. But no. We all know there’s really only one agency that’s going to fuck anyone over this… [emoji51][emoji2325]
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    Fatal UTV accident in Havasu

    That was at the Landing. Rhino rollover.
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    Freeway accident

    One crash event, 2 party’s found ‘at fault’ if it happened exactly the way you describe it.
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    Guy In Bear Suit Walking From L.A. To N.Y.

    Yep!! Does it completely solo. Crazy.
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    Armed on the river

    Not sure, but mine is always accessible on the boat… [emoji2373]
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    Saturday coming back from pirates 257 & A 27 Shadow

    I only have a single 400, but it’s funny to have people speed to get past me in the no wake zones, only for me to pass them after the bouys as my 6 year old waves enthusiastically. I love me a good deck boat, but some of them make a lot of damn noise for not going anywhere. Hehe.
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    PUPS of RDP

    Just got this new one a couple days ago. RTIC: (Artie) Teague: