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    So my wife says..

    My wife will start a story 2/3rds of the way through the story so I wont have ANY idea who she is talking about or anything until I make her stop and repeat herself.
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    The lines at the gas stations are already getting longer!

    The Pipeline isn't connected to the internet persey, but I guarantee its on the company's network for many reasons and that network is connected to the internet. The pipeline controls and monitoring are not air gapped for something that large.
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    Chevy suspension lift?

    SMP Fabrication in Burbank for the install. These trucks have coilovers up front. I'd do an upper arm and leveling coilover. A little trimming should fit 35's with that and will keep the nice ride.
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    The lines at the gas stations are already getting longer!

    The gas station across the street went up $.34 a gallon for 91 overnight here in Tucson. 87 was trending down to around $2.85ish for most areas and stations and overnight (Sunday night) its back up to almost $3 on average.... Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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    RIP Brother

    I know Romero (Mayor) in Tucson is trying really hard to make the city go super left. Good thing is the city population is still fairly middle, if not even slightly right from my dealings. SLO on the other hand.... there are NO conservatives left living inside city limits. None at all. The city...
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    California Population Decline

    That is EXACTLY what happened for me. I make a little less than I was making in California but the cost of living is SO much less that we are financially ahead then when we were making more over there.
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    RIP Brother

    Dont go to SLO now. Its so sad what the libs have done to that amazing city. Heidi Harmon is the single worst thing to happen to that city.
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    Comment by 'Flying_Lavey' in article 'Lake Havasu Classic Outboard Championships Returns – October 2021'

    I hope I have a trailer by then. I'd LOVE to come to this!
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    Chevy Colorado Opinions

    Very cool smaller trucks. I think they would make a great towed. They are rated for such as well with the 4wd. You'd be surprised how many are not rated for 4 wheel flat towing. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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    Kinda missing it..

    Does the front of the rear Bimini always look lose like that?
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    Hardware You Don't need but can't pass up

    I've never met someone that had that illness as bad as my uncle. They had their house in Arroyo Grande, a Condo in Salinas (for work during the week), and their trailer at Naci. Each one had a FULLY stocked garage with full 18v cordless tool set (varied between Milwaukee and Ryobi depending on...
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    I bought a full auto BB gun. It is fun.

    Ive got a CO2 Barretta replica. Thing has some power, but isnt all that quite. I bought it to take care of some pests at the house as well but was never able to get the birds cause it was so inaccurate and loud I only ever had one shot at the fuckers. The electric options would be interesting.
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    California Population Decline

    Pretty much the same here. I REALLY miss living at Naci and the friends that we made there and all, but the bullshit going on there and in the state, SOOOO glad we got out when we did. It was 3 of the 4 Hatchlings were there.
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    Yes, People ARE leaving California

    They dont..... but they make the laws for the rest of it and force the rest to follow said laws. No matter to absurdity or appropriateness. The tree huggers in LA and the Bay area want cow facts collected then dammit..... Brown said they are to be collected! Never mind those people that want it...
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    Pine Flat

    Pine flats is where the bug was sunk into me as well. For the life of me I can't remember what the. Ame if the park is that my grandparents had a little trailer in. We all slept on cots under the car port. The little trailer they had was just for cooking and my grandparents to sleep in...