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    Random thought

    helium would most likely leak at a pretty good rate out of tires
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    Two LAC Sherriffs shot at Blue line in Compton.

    hopefuly all the pieces of shit blocking the hospital entrance spread covid to each other and die slowly and painfully,the cowardly shooter also
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    Memory lane documentary tonight.

    watched the T.A.M.I. concert from Santa Monica 1964 last night ,very cool
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    Muscle cars 60,s vs today’s

    the hemi darts were for the day
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    CRIT sales tax

    the old Basha's is not on reservation land , no reservation tax
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    Horizontal Waterfalls, Boating Content.

    thats badass
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    Nancy Pelosi caught on security camera in a closed Hair Salon

    is anyone surprised that a politician means "do as I say not as I do" and of coarse it is someone else's fault,pompous bitch
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    Recommended vendors for upgrades on 1985 Howard

    bimini top , look at Custom Canvas in Monte Clair
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    "Tool Time" coming back!

    Heidi is one of the finest creatures on this earth
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    Vintage Babe Thread

    goes back awhile, in her younger days Lucille Ball was stunning, sorry I have no pictures
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    Hey RD, will you make and sell these?

    2 thumbs up
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    Open bow flat bottom

    because a cam is cheaper than a crank,although he says it spins
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    AAA or Allstate Roadside Assistance...

    AAA without question
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    Bayliner makes a $50k wake boat?

    thats what we need, affordable wakeboard boats, so there will be more of them chewing up the water!
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    It’s hotter than

    it is hotter than a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire